How I Added 2,000 Email Subscribers To My Email List In 90 Days

3 uncommon ways that work right now (even when you’re just starting out)

Matt Giaro
The Startup


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If you have tried to build a newsletter before, you know it can be a real grind.

You spend countless hours:

  • setting up opt-in forms
  • creating lead magnets
  • and creating content

…only to see your subscriber count inch up at a snail’s pace.

I used to struggle to get email subscribers. I posted on Facebook. I started a YouTube channel. I wrote for SEO. I spent over $5,621 on ads.

If I was lucky, I’d get a handful of subscribers per day and my motivation slowly faded away because I felt like I was wasting my time and energy.

So, instead of just posting content, I decided to test 3 strategies.

As a result, I added 2,080 subscribers to my newsletter in just 93 days:

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Let’s see what I did (so that you can model it.)

(Ethically) steal your competitor’s email…



Matt Giaro
The Startup

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