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How I Got Over 10k Followers on Twitter in 6 Months

My month-by-month journey from June to November and an in-depth strategy that helped me, and can help you do the same.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

I always wanted to have a presence on Twitter because I preferred short-form content. Even in my previous articles, you’ll see how the majority of my pieces are 2 minutes long.

I opened a new Twitter account in August 2020. I remember I was on the toilet seat when I got the push to open the account. The plan was to share writing advice and build an audience there.

But from August 2020 to May 2021, I had just 4 followers. I wasn’t consistent at all.

Things changed in June 2021, I got serious about expanding my reach, so I took creating content on Twitter seriously. I did lots of experimenting. Bought a couple of info products. And learned all I could. After 6 months of using Twitter every day, I got to 10k+ followers. This article shows you a step-by-step analysis of what I did in the different months to get to 10k followers.

June 2021

I was a newbie here, and I was surprised to see how 3 months old accounts could possibly get to 5k followers. It was a big deal to me. So, I reached out to as many of them as possible, for tips.

And one common piece of advice I got was to join an engagement group and then leave over 25 comments on bigger accounts daily. I joined an engagement group and got to work, commenting.

Engagement groups consist of people trying to grow their accounts like you. So, every day, you can share two or three tweets, and everyone in the group has to like and/or comment.

Then you get shared into subgroups. And in these groups, each member has to set up Shoutout posts below to try to tell their existing followers about the other accounts. This is what a shoutout post looks like

I continued to comment on bigger accounts. I’d leave about 20–30 comments every day, trying to add value. The goal of this strategy — as I was told — was that when the bigger accounts leave a like or retweet on your comments, it brings attention to your profile. So, it’s a good strategy for beginners.

That month, after all the work, I got over 200 new followers.

July 2021

By now, I was getting better at tweets. The second month came, and I paid for 6 months upfront for the engagement group because I was getting so much value from it.

I also learned some tweeting strategies to kind of get more engagement from my tweets. I noticed that bigger accounts ask questions as tweets or create posts that make people comment. So, I tried mine, and the results were insane.

So, I doubled down on this strategy and still continued with my commenting on bigger accounts strategy. My profile visits and Tweet impressions tripled. I gained 480+ followers. So the experiment worked. Here was the result for July

August 2021

August was magical. I go to 3k followers, from about 700+ followers. All because of one viral thread.

The notifications from the thread were so much, that I had to mute it. One reason why I think the thread stood out was it spoke to the majority of Twitter users (people in their 20s). If you go through the comments, you’d see how people dropped insults, simply because it forced them to think.

Plus, I believe the followers came because of the call to action I left at the end.

Here‘s my progress in August

September 2021

By now, I knew threads were the key. So, with my engagement group membership, plus the weekly threads, I was confident I had hacked Twitter growth. And to an extent, I did.

In September, I wrote two threads weekly and started a telegram community (that has now grown to 6k+ members).

My threads were bringing in 700–1000 followers weekly. They had the right balance of provocation and insights. So, even if you were offended by something I said, the knowledge I shared will still keep you reading. Here are the 4 best performers out of the 8 threads for September 1, 2, 3, 4

By now, I was seeing impressive results. My single tweets were also doing really well. I saw more tweets that did 1k+ likes and retweets. It was a good month. Which pushed my follower count to 7k+

And mind you, September was month 4, so I thought if I maintained the speed, I would hit the 10k follower mark in month 5.

October 2021

Threads were solely responsible for almost 4k followers in September, so I thought to myself, “more threads, meant more followers.” My goal was to write one thread every day. And thanks to my experience writing short pieces here, I had no problem coming up with thread ideas every day.

But it was a huge disaster.

I feel like the algorithm tried to limit my reach because I was overdoing the threads. Or the quality dropped. And out of over 25 threads I wrote in October, just 1 had over 1k likes.

Here’s the result from October

Looking back at October, 2k+ followers wasn’t so bad, but because I had been moving upward since June, I expected to add an extra 4 or 5k followers, but that didn’t happen.

November 2021

The 6th month. But the slow growth from October continued. I was on 9k followers for what felt like forever. I was used to getting 100+ followers every day, but by the second half of October up until the beginning of November, I was getting like 10–20 followers daily. And on a few occasions 100 followers.

So I got a new strategy. And this was what got me to 10k

I reached out to accounts with over 15k followers and asked them if we could exchange retweets. I reached out to a lot of people, but just about 8 of them agreed.

And this strategy worked like magic. In about 7 days, I moved from 9k followers to 10k, and I felt settled because I had gotten to the goal, which I set for myself 6 months ago.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little relaxed since I hit 10k, but here are some tips I used that can help you get a large following from 0 followers in 6 months.

Go crazy on comments

There are no two ways about this if you’re below 500 followers. Comments open you up to the followers of the larger accounts you comment on.

But I see many people leaving comments like “Yes”, “Exactly”, “True” etc. This is wrong. The point is for the comment to still make sense as stand-alone tweets. See this for example

This is what a good comment looks like

Anyone who sees the reply on their TL can easily find value in it.

Build lists and don’t mass follow

I made the same mistake as well when I started my Twitter journey. I mass-followed and expected them to follow back. My following count was like 300 and my followers were like 15. It wasn’t a good look.

People have a bias against these kinds of accounts. Yes, I know you want to follow big accounts, so you can leave your 30 comments, but there’s another way, which is lists.

Go to lists, and create a new list. To find the button, click on that symbol beside the Twitter logo on the top left corner. If you’re using your phone it’s at the bottom right. Pick about 20 or 30 big accounts you admire, and then pin the list to your Timeline. So, they can show naturally on your TL. This way, they look like your normal followers.

Write 1 or 2 Threads weekly

Threads are a great way to show your audience that you’re a valuable account. Everyone wants value, and if you write valuable threads, people will want to know more about you.

So, find topics you’re interested in, do your research, and write short pieces on them on Twitter. And then leave a call to action at the end. It could be for people to join your email list, telegram channel, buy your product, or follow you.

Writing threads without leaving comments is just a waste of time.

Join and Create Engagement groups

The truth about engagement groups is, that the more the merrier. Although it can be hard to keep up, you just have to try your best to participate every day.

I joined a paid one and created a free with other accounts within my follower range. You’d be surprised by how many people are willing to join engagement groups, so don’t be afraid to DM people.

But the paid ones are more valuable and have more engagement activities, which will help you grow faster.

Pay attention to the algorithm

At times, Twitter’s algorithm prefers long tweets like this

Other times, one-liners get the most juice.

Sometimes it favors threads. But It’s up to you to do your trial and error every day. Mix things up a little. This is how you get the best out of Twitter.

Show up every day

Like every platform, you have to show up every day. Growing on Twitter takes serious dedication. June-July were very frustrating months for me because I’ll spend hours leaving comments on bigger accounts, and wasn’t still seeing noticeable changes.

But that’s how everything is. If you can learn to show up every day, you’ll understand things better, and can easily navigate through them.

Exchange Retweets

I didn’t do this till I was on about 9k followers. And if I had to build this Twitter account all over again, I would do the same thing.

The goal is to exchange retweets with accounts bigger than you, and not on your level. And these bigger accounts won’t want to partner with anyone with 5k followers or lower (or has low engagement), because they believe you can’t help them too.

So, use the other strategies, and when you get to 8k or 10k followers, you can reach out to accounts with 15k-30k followers.

Ask people for tips

Accounts within the range of 10k-30k followers will always listen to you. That’s like the middle class of Twitter. They’re the most willing to help. Plus they still know what it feels like to be a struggling Twitter account. And with that sympathy, they will share tips with you, and might even invite you to join their engagement groups.


My Twitter journey has been very interesting for me. The people I’ve met have really changed how I think about stuff. I believe every freelancer or anyone who’s doing any online business should have a Twitter audience. Their organic reach is still one of the best out there, so it’s not one to miss out on.

If you need help writing Tweets and threads, send me a DM on Twitter

Learn to write viral tweets

If this helped you, follow me on Twitter here

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