How I Got Two Top Writer Badges for Three Days

There are no easy ways, only hard work!

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Last week was incredibly cool and full of surprises. This week for the first time my article was selected by curators and I received two badges of the top writer. I must say that it was not easy and not so simple as it might seem. Since I am not a native English speaker, I have to work on two things at once, first is trying to write correctly and the second is trying to convey my thoughts to others using my vocabulary, since I am not a professional writer and it is not always easy for me to express myself beautifully. I believe that hard work is always rewarded and it always brings results to which you strive. This time it worked again, I have been writing in Medium for more than a month and making great efforts to achieve my goals, and this week I was able to achieve the first goals.

This happened to me

This tag was the first by which I could get the status of the top writer. If you noticed when using this tag, it was used only 12 thousand times and this is the easiest tag by which you can become a top writer, because very few writers use it. I also want to note that you can use this tag under many topics, because most articles will concern you and your lives. Also you can see that I have very few views, only a couple of hundred, although there are so many writers who are gaining a lot more views and fans. So that you can get this achievement without even having a thousand views, you just need to write often under this tag and write with high quality. If you have long wanted to become a top writer on a medium but don’t know how to achieve this, I advise you to pay attention to this tag and study which articles are best liked by people and write more often and better.


This tag is not so simple, it is used much more and it is much more difficult to write often about innovations, if you are not a technical or scientific employee. It was a great surprise for me that I became a top writer in this particular tag, and not in technology or bitcoin, because I write on these topics much more often and I have more views and fans on them. But again I want to note that I have a little bit of views here too, although a bit more than in the previous tag. So, to become a top writer in any tag, you do not have to have thousands of views and hundreds of fans, you have to write efficiently and constantly. I used this tag in my articles about AI and the blockchain, so I advise you to use this tag in more technical articles.

I want to summarize all my thoughts about writing on Medium. As in any other industry, to become the best you must work hard and every day do a little step towards your goal. Each article, each written line will bring you closer to your goal, will improve your writing skills. But in order to succeed, you must approach this with all the responsibility and with all your heart to dive into this business. But writing to a medium is not just writing an article and publishing it, it’s still a lot of work around this article after publishing, you have to share it with your audience, respond to comments, read other people’s articles and get close to them so that your audience increases. So everyone who thinks it is easy to write articles you are greatly mistaken, this is a whole art and you need to comprehend it. And all those who write and wonder that nobody reads their articles, perhaps you forget about that huge pile of work that is done after the publication of your article.

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