How much money can you actually make writing articles on Medium?

Alessandro Butler
The Startup
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7 min readMay 16, 2019

Screenshots shared by some of the writers we published on our Medium publication, The Startup

The four numbers you see in the images above:





That’s how much some of our writers earned per month from publishing their articles on Medium.

In a world where people exploit freelancers to ghostwrite a 1000-word article for as little as $5, making a living from writing isn’t easy.

And Medium might be onto building the first ever platform where writers can finally blog and get paid by doing what they love.

Let’s take a realistic look at how much Medium’s Partner Program pays writers

We publish dozens of writers on our The Startup publication every month. While the screenshots above present a promising overview, we also know that not every writer on the Medium Partner Program earns that much money.

Indeed, we’ve seen quite a few bloggers make less than $100 per month.

Based on our insights from helping authors on both ends, what follows is our analysis of a realistic approach to earn money by blogging on Medium, along with our recommendations to maximize your Medium paycheck.

And we’ll try to do it by answering the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Let’s begin with probably the most important question.

1. Timing: Am I too late to start earning money from blogging on Medium?

No, not at all. The game hasn’t even started and we believe we are in the very early stages of Medium’s actual growth.

As recent news on media keeps covering Medium Partner Program’s early success, Medium’s website growth also shows no sign of slowing.

We also believe there aren’t enough writers on Medium Partner Program yet. Take us, for instance. Every day, we receive drafts through our submission form from…