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How My Startup Was Almost Acquired by Facebook

The journey and lessons of a startup founder

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Yes, I’m the happy guy in the gray shirt.

The Investment

The Pivot

Interactive The Walking Dead

FOX’s interactive show pre-roll

Entering Facebook

The M&A Process

Facebook’s engineer email rejecting us
Facebook’s lead engineer email really rejecting us

Lessons Learned

  • The line that defines success and failure is extremely thin.
  • If you are being evaluated (by customers, partners or possible acquirers) define success KPIs beforehand. That way everyone will have the same common ground.
  • Don’t put all your eggs (expectations) into one basket.
  • Stick to what is working, i.e., work on what people want and measure it with data; not words nor promises.
  • Be kind to everyone. If you feel disrespected or hurt, take a step back. Take some time to breathe and don’t reply right away. Time heals everything and gives you perspective.
  • Don’t take life too seriously. Be patient but persistent.



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