How Plant Hustling Has Become The Biggest New Side Hustle

Why some people are earning 3K to 10k a month

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4 min readJun 25, 2021


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The pandemic in 2020 kept many at home. From lockdowns to remote working arrangements, there is no doubt that many were stuck at home for more than months at a time.

This meant the start of many trends, one of them being side hustles. With job insecurity as well as extra time on the hands of many people, we’ve seen different side hustles pop up.

One of them has been plant hustling

I recently caught up with a friend who had just discovered new found time since she doesn’t have to travel to work anymore. She spends this time instead caring for her plants.

At first, I thought this was just purely a recreational hobby — something like my mum does when she grows vegetables in the garden.

However, after going deeper into the conversation, she started mentioning how she was selling them on eBay. This was when it started getting interesting.

I asked her exactly what plants she was selling recently, and she mentioned selling a “Euphorbia Abderlkuri Grey Succulent Cactus” for close to $500 AUD (that’s around $350–400 USD).

I was dumbfounded, and it wasn’t the only one she was selling. This means she was raking in thousands a month just spending a few hours a week tending to them.

She even mentioned that this wasn’t even her main side hustle focus and had other things she preferred working on.

I then started doing some research and found many others doing it

What’s even more amazing, most of these people were in other occupations completely unrelated. Often, side hustles are simply other jobs that we already have a specific skill set in from our full-time job.

For me, for example, it could be doing freelance marketing or writing since I’m a full-time digital marketer. But there’s no need to be a horticulturist when plant hustling.

In an interview done by ABC News, Sev Ipradjian is an orthoptist and has his own plant collection in his own apartment.



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