How Scott “7 Figure Surfer” Smith Overcame Life’s Biggest Obstacles and Started an Online Business Focused On His Passions

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Photo Credit — Scott Smith

Scott Smith is the Founder of the Online Marketing Education, Personal Development and Mentoring Company 7 Figure Surfer. Together, he and business partner Kylie Chapman lead an incredibly successful mentorship program aimed at helping other internet entrepreneurs find their calling and build a successful online business. However, he didn’t always know that helping run an online business was the right career move for him. Scott suffered from years of setbacks and misdirection until he finally found success.

Scott decided that school wasn’t for him, so he dropped out and began a plumbing apprenticeship. On his 21st birthday, a doctor diagnosed Scott with leukemia and gave him three months to live.

Dismayed, but still hopeful, Scott underwent chemotherapy for two years. All Scott and his family did was focus on the end result and dream of the day they would be back surfing and enjoying life. After 2 years he was given the all clear that the cancer was gone.

Sadly, however, the Leukemia came back far more aggressively once more when Scott was 25. Further bouts of chemotherapy helped Smith defeat the disease once and for all, but his victory came with a price. Doctors told him that such an amount of chemotherapy meant he could never be a father.

He spent the next decade as a plumber, but fell into a deep depression and couldn’t see a way out. Scott believed he should’ve seen his healing as a blessing — a second and third chance at life to do what he wanted. Something had to change and fast.

Photo Credit — Scott Smith

He Googled “How to quit my job” and saw an ad about living life on your own terms and the people were traveling the world with just a laptop for business. The rest is history.

He fell in love with computers and online marketing and after only 6 months he quit his job as a plumber and never looked back. He traveled the world surfing and speaking at events about his huge online success.

“I was born to be an entrepreneur living life on my terms, not controlled by a boss who showed no appreciation to their workers,” Scott said.

He traveled the world for almost 18 months but something was still missing.

Then came an even bigger surprise — Scott found out he was going to be the father of a beautiful baby boy. Despite what doctors told him, chemotherapy didn’t stop Scott from becoming a father. One year later, he was blessed again with a baby girl.

Today, Scott says his children are one of the most significant sources of inspiration.

“My kids are my drive for what I am doing,” he said. “I want to ensure they have the best life possible, but I started 7 Figure Surfer to help people create their ideal life. Whether they’re a stay-at-home parent like myself or a world traveler, 7 Figure Surfer helps them live life on their terms through our one on one mentoring program”.

Photo Credit — Scott Smith

Overcoming Obstacles

A lack of education and an early leukemia diagnosis would’ve proven to be insurmountable obstacles for most people — however, neither of these deterred Scott from following his dreams.

His secret to success is nothing new or revolutionary, but rather, the tried and true philosophy of never giving up.

“I’m blessed with such a positive upbringing and parents who instilled in me that anything is possible with hard work,” Scott said. “They taught me to find the positive in every situation. When things go wrong — and they do — it doesn’t take me long to gather myself and get back up and go again.”

He credits Virgin Group founder Richard Branson as a source of inspiration.

“Like myself, Branson started with nothing, but found huge success thanks to hard work and never quitting,” said Scott.

Branson too overcame many struggles before becoming one of the most successful businessmen alive. He suffered from dyslexia and performed poorly in school. His attempts to sell Christmas trees and Budgies for a living both failed. Branson began a magazine called Student which was mildly successful, but didn’t earn as much as he’d hoped. He pivoted into music and began Virgin Records, his first major successful company.

Currently, Branson is worth $4.1 billion.

Scott’s word of advice? Don’t go at it alone. Even when he dropped out of school and battled leukemia, Scott knew that he always had the support of his network.

“There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman,” he said. “It takes more than just one person to create huge success.”

Scott credits a long list of people responsible for his success.

“Down to the love you receive from a partner, kids, or family, no one can be an entrepreneur on their own. I would not be where I am today without the love of my kids and family and, most importantly, my incredible business partner Kylie Chapman.”

Photo Credit — Scott Smith

Serving Customers

Scott’s mentorship comes from the idea that anybody can achieve their dreams if they work hard and put their mind to it. Such advice might sound cliché, but Scott has coached over 5,000 happy customers who have collectively made $18.7M in commissions thanks to his help and mentoring.

Like Steve Jobs said, “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.”

“So, if someone is creating things and having success, I can too,” said Scott. “If they can do it, so can I.”

This powerful philosophy comes from the internet’s incredible capabilities. As the world becomes increasingly digitally focused, more creators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers turn to the internet to learn, grow, connect, and thrive.

In the past few years, countless people have made fortunes through selling courses, making YouTube videos, investing through digital brokers, and posting on social media.

7 Figure Surfer aims to capitalize on such trends by empowering entrepreneurs to find their path to success with online tools. The program offers internet entrepreneurs valuable resources such as continuous support, ongoing training, and quality coaching.

“Creating our own business in the last 12 months rather than continuing to be an affiliate marketer has been the best reward in business to date,” said Scott. “It’s amazing to see people who were down and out like me transform into empowered income-generating business people. That phenomenon is, by far, the most rewarding part of owning an online business.”

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