How Side Hustling Elevated My Life

It’s not just the money!

Anangsha Alammyan
The Startup


Image from the author’s Instagram

Pursuing a side hustle changed my life.

I’ve always loved writing. My first published words were when I was 4 years old. I’d written a poem that my parents submitted to a local newspaper. An act of innocent pride that now remains a core memory.

In 2014, I started writing online.

At that time, I didn’t know what a “side hustle” meant. I had no hopes of ever making money from my writing. All I cared about was putting words on paper. If someone from other side of the world commented how much they were impacted by my writing, it was an icing on the cake.

My first brush with making money from writing came during the pandemic. It was 2020, and a story I’d written on Medium went semi-viral, raking in $100 in less than a week.

To an Indian, $100 is worth a lot. Making that much from one story that took me less than two hours to write was nothing short of a miracle.

That was the first time I considered my passion for writing could actually make me rich. That’s when I got more intentional about it — studying stats, understanding platform algorithms, breaking down the works of best-performing writers. You know the drill.