How Silently Building Apple Vision Pro Apps Can Make You Miserably Wealthy

Let me show you (exactly) how tomorrow’s millionaires are made.

Jano le Roux
The Startup


Apple Vision Pro interface in a living room.

Like it. (Or not.)

The Vision Pro is the next iPhone.

  • People laughed at Reed Hastings. Then he built Netflix.
  • People laughed at Brian Acton. Then he built WhatsApp.
  • People laughed at Mark Zuckerberg. Then he built Facebook.

The only people still laughing are these founders — on their way to the bank.

People laugh because they're paralyzed in their own dull thinking patterns.

Apple practically launched the new iPhone.

Most people get stuck at:

Wow! I want one.

Then years later the entrepreneur mindset catches up.

Damn! I should have jumped on this years ago.

This article is your wake-up call.

Top takeaway: Now has never been a better time to turn your idea into an Apple Vision Pro app.

Let’s break down why.

How you can profit from Apple’s app shortage problem



Jano le Roux
The Startup

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