How this 15-year-old tech extraordinaire founded a company potentially worth millions

In conversation with Advait Thakur, one of the most influential young entrepreneur.

Meet Advait Thakur. Computer programmer, Young Entrepreneur, AI Researcher and all-around tech extraordinaire. He’s the founder of Apex Infosys India, and is currently its chief executive officer.

But there’s something surprising about him: He’s only 15 years old. This 15-year-old Indian tech prodigy started using computers at age six, launched his first website at age nine, and has been working with Google’s AI and Cloud Platform for a couple of years now.

Advait Thakur, Founder — Apex Infosys India. Courtesy - LinkedIn

Though he first caught everyone’s attention at age 14, Advait’s rise in the tech industry began much earlier. While peers were stacking Legos and playing make-believe, this seven-year-old was learning how to code.

His father Ravindra Thakur worked as an IT Manager for a number of years. As the elder Thakur typed out codes, his enthralled son watched the process.

“It was so fascinating to me how computers could really do anything. I wanted to know what goes on behind the back-end and see how you can control the computers and tell them what to do.” Thakur tells The Startup.

Sensing this budding curiosity, his father taught him Computer Basics. From there, Advait began using the internet on his own and reading books on programming and started learning to code on own by online tutorials on blogs and forums. At age seven, Advait launched his first website which he developed using simple HTML and CSS.

“From there, I was just immediately hooked to computers & programming” says the teen.

But at the same time, Thakur used to play lot of video games. “I was totally addicted to computer games back then.” Advait recalls.

Source - India Today Magazine

Advait is in a different league from the average pre-teen. In 2015, at age twelve, he founded a tech company ‘Apex Infosys India’ which is now an Accredited Domain Name Registrar and an organisation that provides Digital Solutions. Apex Infosys India is also involved primarily in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IOT Sector.

In 2017, at age fourteen, he built “Technology Quiz,” an app to help kids learn about Science & Technology which Actions On Google accepted after rejecting it five times. An incredible achievement for a child who loves to code but is largely self-taught. A programmer since he was eleven, Advait is one of the youngest entrepreneurs and web developers in the world.

Advait Thakur, 15, Youngest Google, Bing and HubSpot Certified.

During Advait’s high school years, he worked for the NGOs namely SHDC & Beautiful Tommorow Foundation and helped them in getting more audience through online platform by providing them digital marketing services for Free, for which he was was felicitated by Hon. Rajkumar Badole(Cabinet Minister, Social Justice). He also developed an app called “Autism Awareness” for Google Assistant which helps people to learn about autism and related disorders and their symptoms, etc.

He is now the youngest, Google, Bing and Hubspot Certified Professional. Thakur was featured in The Startup India’s ‘Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs In India 2018’, he is also amongst “India’s Hottest Young Entrepreneurs Of 2018”. He was recently titled ‘Most Influential Youth Marketing Professional Of 2019’ by Global Youth Marketing Forum presented by Zoom(The Times Group), CMOAsia and World Federation Of Marketing Professionals. He was also amongst 100 shortlisted winners of Summer With Google 2018. Thakur is currently working on a product based on IOT to offer solutions to some of India’s most challenging problems.

The 15-year-old credits his rapid success to his parents and teachers, who he says have nurtured his demanding studies and are proud of his work.

“They provided me the exposure and resources right when I needed them the most,” says the teen. “Had it not been for my family’s support, I wouldn’t be working toward my dream to such an extent.” says Advait.

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