How to Assess Startups Using Machine Learning: Part III — The GASP For Predictive Modeling

Arturo Moreno
Nov 2, 2018 · 10 min read

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How to Assess Startups Using Machine Learning

The GASP framework to standardize data collection

On the left: the GASP + Machine Learning — On the right: the GASP only

Step 1 — from GASP spreadsheets to datasets

Example of a simplified GASP
Without objectives, everything is a success!
Partial view of the dataset

Step 2 — From dataset to predictive model

Creating a source from a *csv file and a dataset takes a few seconds on PreSeries.
Take the time to explore the variables that are part of your inbound form
1 click Training | Testing split
Creating a predictive model to decide on dealflow interviews with just a few clicks
The decision tree we just created and an output summary. So far, 0 lines of code involved.

Step 3— Seamlessly make predictions about your inbound dealflow

Loading the PreSeries add-on on Google Spreadsheets
Your dealflow model making predictions and showing the confidence
PreSeries automates the VC experience

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