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Steve Jobs wasn’t the best CEO to have ever existed. You can be better.

Yes, we might say he was 1 of the best TECH Visionary of this century but he wasn’t the best CEO.

What was wrong with Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs was a genius but he was also full of himself. Usually, genius people do that. He even didn’t take the physician’s advice for cancer and tried to cure it with alternative medicine.

At various places, even from the beginning, he didn’t show the right appreciation to his team member. That was one of the reasons for initial differences between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

But most importantly where was he wrong as CEO?

  • He made Apple all about himself and didn’t cultivate leaders under him.
  • There was only ONE Steve Jobs in the company and the rest of the people were just the “implementers”.

This creates a big problem in the company after CEO is not there. Its the job of the good CEO to have proper SUCCESSION PLANNING and make sure they cultivate leaders so that company produces the same result even after they leave!

Okay, So Who can be regarded as BEST CEO?

Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba is one of the best CEOs of this time. Why?

  • He has always tried to make Alibaba a much bigger thing than himself.
  • He is super humble and gives credit to his team.
  • He had cultivated a lot of leaders under him.
  • He has a proper succession planning for Alibaba. He will retire next year and the company will have a new CEO next year.[3]

So, in short, the best CEOs put the company before them and make sure there is a plan for succession before they leave!

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