Struggling With Your MVP — Here’s How to Build It Right in 2018

Swarnendu De
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10 min readJan 30, 2018

“I have got an idea!” 😃 😉

That’s the foundation of many successful and unsuccessful stories behind a number of products.

Nod your head in ‘NO’ if you have not heard the same story.

It starts with an idea — but how to implement it, and become successful is still a mystery to many. Right?

Taking a look at the Silicon Valley, one will feel immersed in their vibrant entrepreneurial culture. And why only USA, startups are mushrooming in various global locations (UK, India, Pan Asia, Gulf) where everyone enjoys an exciting and perilous journey to an uncharted territory. I too embarked on a similar journey and from a software engineer to a CTO, and finally turned into a Founder under 30s.

Most of the products I built, reached thousands.

Now when I hear from startups everyday… I see them stuck in a similar wave, in which I was trapped some years back.

They build an MVP, does their marketing to-do’s …. but ALAS! The MVP just didn’t work the way they wanted.

What Make These Young Startups Dump Their MVPs?

If a startup has his MVP ready and validated, then what makes him or her fail.


Bringing a new product to the market is always a BIG risk. But to reduce it, you build an MVP. Despite building MVP you could not minimize the risks due to some gaps.

Here are some strange cases which I witness daily while working with startupreneurs at Innofied.

#1. They come without doing a proper homework (customer’s needs, market research, demographic research etc.) 😕😕😕

You can build an MVP any time simply sharing the wireframes to your technical partner. But that is not a solution unless you do your homework.

Most of the product owners come to us without doing a proper research on



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