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How to Build Up Your Motivation

Joscelyn Kate
The Startup


And actually get things done.

Are you a lazy person? Do you wake up knowing you need to do laundry and go to bed never having done it?

Does your sink sometimes pile up with dishes and instead of doing the entire sinkful, you wash the one cup/bowl/plate you need?

I’m a lazy person. I seriously struggle with responsibility. If I had the money, I would hire people to do my laundry, my dishes, and anything else related to life management that I don’t like doing.

But alas, I am not offensively wealthy and I am responsible for not wearing smelly clothes and not allowing my house to fall apart.

How do I do it? Great question. I am going to tell you.

Pick Three Things

Three is a good number, it’s not too many but it’s enough to feel accomplished and actually get ahead.

When you wake up, pick three things.

Only three.

What do you have to do today? Is all of your underwear gone? Have you showered? Are you trying to start a new exercise routine? Have you gotten take-out for dinner the last two nights? Do the children need baths? Is the mail starting to pile up on the counter?