How to Create a Dashboard to Dominate the Stock Market Using Python and Dash

Free Options Order Flow, Prices, Fundamentals, Chatter all in one

Eric Kleppen
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24 min readSep 4, 2020


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Keep Your Eyes on the Big Picture

I’ve been fascinated with the stock market since I was a little kid. There is certainly no shortage of data to analyze, and if you find an edge you can make some easy money. To stay on top of the market, I designed a dashboard that incorporates interesting option market order flow, price charts, chatter and fundamentals. Having it all in one place makes it easy to monitor market sentiment and find potential plays! In this article, I’ll describe the components of the dashboard and explain how I created it using Python and Plotly’s Dash.


Reviewing the Dashboard
Sourcing the Data
Reviewing Dash Framework
Designing the File Structure
Creating the Function Files
Adding Callbacks
Final Thoughts and Complete Code

The full code and GitHub link are toward the bottom of the page if you’re already familiar with Dash.

If you’re completely new to Dash, I recommend starting here:

Reviewing the Dashboard

The dashboard is designed using Dash Bootstrap CSS and is fairly responsive by default! On startup, the dashboard will load data from Twitter and Reddit. These data feeds are used to monitor interesting option flow and market chatter/sentiment.

The dashboard (zoomed out for a smaller image)

Beyond the data sources, the dashboard takes 3 initial inputs from a user:

Stock ticker, Start Date, End date



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