How to create a Rails 6 image in Docker — Ubuntu 18.04

Arthur Nakao
Jun 18 · 5 min read
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How to Create a Rails 6 Image in Docker


In this post I will show you what I did to create a Rails 6 Image based on Ubuntu container. Just for information, I am doing this tutorial in Ubuntu 18.04. If you are using other operacional system, it’s important to know the differences on docker usage.

This is a simple tutorial, but I will start from this part, because I intend to show in next post how can you integrate a Rails 6 container with Postgres container WITHOUT use docker compose (there is a lot of tutorials about this USING DOCKER COMPOSE! And it was hard to me find a way to learn how can I create containers without this tool)

I don’t know you, but I’m a person that like to know exatly what I’m doing. Using docker compose I had the sensation that I was only copying and pasting a lot of informations without know exatly what was hapenning.

Before anything, I am assuming that you have docker installed on your machine.

Starting Ubuntu Container

Enough of idle, let’s start. In the first place, let’s run a container based on a Ubuntu image. To make this, you need to run the follow command:

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Installing Prerequisites

After this, we are already connected with container and the next step is install prerequisites and rails 6.

- Git
- Curl
- Yarn
- Nodejs
- Npm
- Ruby

To start installations, we need to update the system.


To verify if git was correctly installed:

The output is something like this:

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Running the follow command, it’s possible to know if curl is installed:

The output is something like this:

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You have to set some informations to correct node installation.

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Use this command to verify node version:

You will see something like this:

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To verify:

The return is a version number:

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Yarn is installed with curl command, by this, it’s important that you have already installed curl on your container:

Trying to see yarn version:

To use this command, you will need to reopen terminal.

If it return a version number, everything is correct


Take care, there are so many commands here, and they need to be used one by one.

To verify:

And the terminal will show you ruby version.

You need to install bundler:

And run the command:

Installing Rails 6

To install Rails 6, we will use gem.

To know if Rails 6 is already installed:

If the version appear like the follow, Ruby on Rails is already installed on your container.

Now, just one more step…

Create an Image

To create an image, you will only need to run one command.

To know your container_id, you can run the following command on terminal:

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And you will search some id as in the picture.

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