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How to Easily Handle Emoji Unicode in Java

Emoji Challenge

1. Analysis

Understand document structure

Model a class to store row entries

2. Extraction

3. Loading

4. Bringing the extract-load-process together!

5. Code

Code is available in GitHubTo print emojis onto display, run
mvn -DenumCompatibleSyntax=false
To generate enum values onto display, run
mvn -DenumCompatibleSyntax=true

6. References

How unicode works?List of emoji chartsSurrogate Pair Calculator

7. Loading generated values into Emoji class

face_in_clouds(0x1F636, 0x200D, 0x1F32B, 0xFE0F),
face_with_spiral_eyes(0x1F635, 0x200D, 0x1F4AB),
flag_england(0x1F3F4, 0xE0067, 0xE0062, 0xE0065, 0xE006E, 0xE0067, 0xE007F),
flag_scotland(0x1F3F4, 0xE0067, 0xE0062, 0xE0073, 0xE0063, 0xE0074, 0xE007F),
flag_wales(0x1F3F4, 0xE0067, 0xE0062, 0xE0077, 0xE006C, 0xE0073, 0xE007F)

7. Full listing of Emojis



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