How to Find More Time for Creativity

Morgan Danielle
Nov 30 · 4 min read
alarm clock on multi-color background
alarm clock on multi-color background
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Creativity. It’s that nagging little voice in your head that is constantly jabbering away in your ear. It’s that tiny dude on your shoulder looking down at the work you’re muddling through at your day job and sneering. He isn’t amused.

In fact, he’s the guy keeping you awake at night when your under-eye circles are beginning to make you look like you got knocked in the face by insomnia. Which, well… you kinda have been.

The thing is, creativity wants what is best for you even if the only way to make you see that is through instilling a constant sensation of despair that you simply are not doing what you should with your time here on Earth.

Woman writing in calendar
Woman writing in calendar
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I get it. Life isn’t a cakewalk and there are only twenty-four hours in a day and seven days in a week. I myself have on multiple occasions gone off my mental calendar and smiled with the knowledge that I could fit that misplaced commitment in on the day after Sunday… Oh, wait. That’s Monday.

Time is this uncontrollable coworker that has an entirely different concept that he’s running with, only he is leaving us all out of the loop on his strategy. Screw you, Time, think of someone else for once!

I’ve been there and oftentimes, I’m still there. However, the key to beating a difficult level in life is to learn the cheat code. What is going to make your life easier?

Here are three quick suggestions to give you back the time you need to work on a better tomorrow for yourself:

1. Cook in Bulk

What does cooking have to do with creative pursuits? Well, unless your creative passion is cooking then there is a quick, simple and decently obvious hack to make more time for yourself.

Meal prepping.

Meal prepping is a sensation that health fanatics and working mothers are ambassadors for.

You take one day a week and prepare most of your meals in that single session. You will be making larger quantities of the same meal which means you won’t be cooking every night of the week. That’s around an hour of your time saved each and every day.

2. Take Your Phone Everywhere

Take your phone to the bathroom. And in the elevator. And on the subway. And while waiting in lines. And in the shower, but only if you have one of those fancy waterproof cases.

Why your phone? You can use your phone to access apps like Google Docs to create on the go.

I have my Google Docs app in an easy to tap location when I first unlock my screen. This means that if I catch an idea or if I come up with a line on the fly then it all gets written down in a central location that is easy to access from wherever I am located.

Any time that you are standing and waiting (think grocery store lines) there is the excess time you could be stealing back to work on your passion projects.

Next time the lady in front of you pulls out an entire binder of coupons simply unlock your phone and get to creating.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

3. Use Dictation

If there is one area of time that feels completely wasted that could be put to good use, it’s drive time. We drive to work, to the gym, to the store and any number of other locations.

Woman driving a car
Woman driving a car
Photo by Alex Chernenko on Unsplash

On average, you spend about seven 40-hour weeks worth of time driving your car. What could you accomplish with an extra seven full-time work weeks to dedicate toward your creative passion or side project?

Half of that time is usually spent listening to songs that you’ve heard more times than you would have wished upon your worst enemy.

Using a hands-free device system you can verbally construct plans and layout ideas for future projects. You can also write your stories through dictation.

This isn’t an easy habit to form for all writers, but if you can get into the practice of writing through dictation then you’ll seriously amp up the amount of content you’re able to produce each year.

Just last week I set my voice recording app on my phone and talked through the plot of a story idea I’d been tossing around while driving. This recording turned into me rambling about the creative tasks I needed to add to my to-do list and also making note of an article idea that would have otherwise faded from memory had I not collected it.

Just be sure you’re driving safely and responsibly.

Sometimes when you’re creative you just have to be creative with your time constraints. Make your hours work for you, not the other way around.

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