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How To Get More Value Out Of Your Internship

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Collaboration will soon lead to independence.

Learning Curve

  • Fail openly. My work improved when I collaborated with those around me. By doing this, you and your employer can witness improvements first hand. If I just kept my mistakes to myself, my employer would not have seen the increments of improvement. By the end of the internship, paying attention to small details has been engraved into my work. When thinking about collaboration, most don’t realize that when you’re consistently working with another person, you start to gain pieces of them.
  • After-hours. Entrepreneurship is celebrated all over the country… so why not put in some hours after work? To get over the learning curve at a faster rate, I found time to practice my skills on the train rides home and got my hands on any industry-related articles. Whether it was practicing photoshop or reading socialmediatoday, I wanted to put myself in the best possible position to grow exponentially.
  • Don’t hold back and ask questions. The trick with this is asking the right questions. There are two types of questions: ones that could easily be googled and those only with expertise could answer. The second type of question is obviously the best kind to ask. By asking questions, it shows you care.
learning curves

Love your job.

Stand Out



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