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How To Go Public with your Personal Brand

To establish your personal brand you need to go public. What does going public mean? Much like how a publicly traded company needs to bring in more shares to improve their company, you’re going to need the adoration of the people you serve in order to validate your brand.

Going public is the point where you establish that you’re this and this is what you want to be known for. How do you go about going public with your personal brand?

1. Creating a content strategy

The best way to spread your influence is by creating content that will help validate you for what you want to be known for but before starting your content creation journey it’s best to have a strategy in place that would help you be accountable. In making your content strategy some things to keep in mind are.

What post (text or Image) will be created for the different platforms you want to introduce your brand to.

How often will you be posting on each platform?

What metrics will you use to measure the quality of your work?

Create a monthly, not weekly plan to keep you consistent with your posts.

2. Creating content

A blogger posts blogs, a photographer posts images, a graphic designer creates logos, a personal brand creates content. Creating content for your personal brand requires you to have done an analysis of what your brand is and what you want to be known for. Getting the analysis down will help you better understand what content to make that would best benefit your brand.

3. Starting a website

Not at first, finding free platforms such as WordPress for blogging and Instagram for photos are the best way to start experimenting with what you want to be known for but along the way securing that domain that best expresses your personal brand will be essential in creating an awe of professionalism that will ultimately open up more opportunities.

4. Renewing your social media

Your personal brand is a company that you maintain, it offers you opportunities and if you’re good at running it you can start to eventually earn from it. In starting your personal brand you will eventually come across the idea of curating your social media to best suit your personal brand. It might help, but it might also be a burden.

Our take on personal branding and social media

5. Introducing your brand to those who need it

Understanding what do you want to become known for is at the core of personal branding, even more important is to whom do you want to become known. Finding the audience that would find value in your personal brand and what you have to offer is critical because the people you serve will be the shareholders that would give your brand its value.

Going public with your personal brand is the tipping point at which your personal brand begins, and doing it correctly can help you on your journey to create a personal brand that matters and will be remembered.

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