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How to Have Fun Networking By Using an Authentic Personal Pitch

10 Simple Steps to Share Your Story With Confidence

I’m a musicpreneur. I help artists and entrepreneurs make a bigger impact with their creations by teaching them how to produce and promote themselves online.

I like mine because it’s fairly broad and lends itself well to discussion. I don’t always say I’m a “Musicpreneur.” It’s a bit show-off-y to invent words to describe yourself, I’m very aware of that :)

1. Your Elevator Pitch Is Not Just Your Job

Don’t just say “I’m a broker” or “I’m a teacher” or “I’m a scientist.”

2. Include Some Details In Your Elevator Pitch

Saying “I’m a high-school teacher” is better because it includes a little bit of detail for the other person to ask about.

3. Tell People What You Do That’s Not Your Job

What you do isn’t your job, but your job is still a part of what you do and who you are.

If you don’t like talking about “your job” then craft your elevator pitch around the part of your identity that you’re most passionate about.

Passion is contagious and it’ll help the flow of the conversation. You’ll have much more fun than if you’re always trying to avoid talking about the job you hate.

4. Include Some form of “Why” In Your Elevator Pitch

Simon Sinek’s Start With Why is a great book that talks about the importance of having a why behind what you do.

Add a “Why” element to your elevator pitch to make you more intriguing.

5. Tell People How You Do It

The “online” part in my elevator pitch is my “how.” Through Audio Issues and I engage with over 31,000 home studio musicians every week.

How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else that does the same thing you do?

6. Who Is Your Audience?

If you’re an entrepreneur, knowing your target market is crucial.

7. Be Able to Elaborate

As with any conversation, being able to continue talking is key.

8. Don’t Be a Robot

I realize that being ultra-prepared and methodical with your elevator pitch might seem a little too robotic.

9. Have Variations

Depending on the audience and the event you’re at, you might want some variation in your elevator pitch.

10. Have Fun!

Events and networking should be fun. You shouldn’t be scared of talking about yourself, but you also shouldn’t hog the conversation.

If you’re worried about coming off too nervous when you’re first test-driving your elevator pitch then just start the conversation by getting the other person to talk about themselves.

By listening first you put both of you at ease. Your conversational partner will love talking about themselves and you’ll feel more at ease after knowing them a little bit better.

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