How to implement Gradient Descent in Python

This is a tutorial to implement Gradient Descent Algorithm for a single neuron

Y Tech
Y Tech
Aug 14, 2019 · 2 min read
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Gradient Descent is the most important concept in Neural Networks. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to implement it in Python. I hope this tutorial can help you to build a better understanding about how gradient descent works, and how it helps to improve model accuracy.

Data Pre-Processing

We will try to build a single neuron network, which can predict the admissions of a graduate school. The data we will use is shared above in google drive. Let us first take a peek at the raw data:

The first 5 rows of data are shown below. The first column admit indicates whether the student is getting admitted to the school or not, this will be the target for our model; the second column gre and the third column gpa are numerical features for the student; the fourth column rank is a categorical feature.

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First 5 Rows of Data

One-hot Encoding

We will apply one-hot encoding to the categorical feature to add dummy columns. code shown as below:

Data Normalization

We will also need to normalize the numerical features, code shown as below:

Finally, we shuffle the data, and split the entire data set into training and testing sets:

Gradient Descent

Activation Function

We will use sigmoid function as the activation function for this neuron, code in python will be as below:

Loss Function

One of the commonly used loss function for neural networks is cross-entropy loss function. Since this algorithm will be used to predict admission into graduate schools, it will be a binary classification problem. So we will use binary cross-entropy loss function. The code is implemented as below:

Update Step

Below is the code for training the neuron and updating the weights:

Now we train the network and check the performance of our algorightm:

The running result is:

Train loss:  0.6613580375785758
Train loss: 0.5782721399941655
Train loss: 0.5782705527073997
Train loss: 0.5782705525116583
Train loss: 0.5782705525116338
Train loss: 0.5782705525116338
Train loss: 0.5782705525116338
Train loss: 0.578270552511634 WARNING - Loss Increasing
Train loss: 0.5782705525116338
Train loss: 0.5782705525116338
Prediction accuracy: 0.725

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