How to Make a Leader Go Insane for You and Want to Hire You Quickly

There are 14 counter-intuitive strategies to consider that challenge the norms.

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There are two times in my career where leaders interviewed me for a job and couldn’t wait to hire me. It’s surprising because I generally don’t enjoy job interviews and can often feel nervous beforehand.

A discussion with a graduate about job interviews revealed a few of the reasons why these leaders may have gone a little insane after the interview and wanted to hire me as quickly as possible. These strategies are also based on being a people leader myself and going insane, and hiring a few people that demonstrated some of these skills you’re about to read.

These are the counter-intuitive strategies I gave that graduate and they may help you get your next career opportunity.

Show your personality in your resume

Do you know how boring it is to read resumes? Ask any recruiter or hiring manager. People say the same stuff on repeat that they read from a resume guide or online business publication.

With so many resumes to read, your best bet is to stand out. You do this by showing your personality. Try the following:

  • Show what you do outside of work
  • Highlight any work you’ve done in the community
  • Link to any work you’ve published on social media
  • Replace dry business vocabulary in your resume with sentences that show a touch of personality

Personality helps you stand out and that is exactly what you need when going through the application phase.

The best interview is a conversation

Forbes Writer, Chris Westfall, says the best interview is a conversation. I couldn’t agree more. A conversation is informal and that’s where relationships are built. As soon as you get all structured and overly polite, you kill the chance to build a relationship.

Forming a relationship with a leader is how you ultimately get hired.

Go beyond plain facts and achievements



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