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How To Make Money Online Without Abandoning Your Passion

You’re probably just as sick as I am with the “get rich quick” schemes that don’t work and lead nowhere

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We’ve all heard and seen the get rich quick schemes that flood the internet nowadays.

How in just a few hours a week (sorry Tim Ferriss) we can tell our boss to fuck off, we can quit our 9–5, we can travel the world, we can improve our sexuality and find unrelenting freedom all from the confines of our comfy computer chair.

Once we finally open the email or click the link we are met with often vague language that illustrates some arbitrary sales pitch that ultimately asks for our money.

Or perhaps worse the pitch is to sacrifice our morals and opt into a world of selling garbage that we cannot get behind.

We see it time and time again. Hell, I don’t know how many webinars, ebooks, email campaigns and dollars I have spent in the process of seeking “the truth” in this game.

Maybe it’s drop shipping, maybe it’s affiliate marketing, maybe it’s freelance writing for industries you just don’t care about at all.

Either way, the methods you are sold aren’t consistent with who you are as a creative.

You are an artist or perhaps a writer (which today always includes entrepreneur as well).

You know that your voice has the power to help individuals. Your voice has the ability to make thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Your voice has the potential to start a revolution.

So how do you do it?

How do you take the ideas and dreams in your head and package them into a valuable exchange to help you grow in financial independence while simultaneously providing life-altering content to your following?

Start off by sharing your content with the world- For FREE

You read that right…

At first, you are going to need to share your content with the world for free.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “why the hell would I do that?”

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The beginning of your journey is going to be filled with getting your name out to the world. I know I know, you’re perfect and special and the best there ever was. It’s not your fault as Simon Sinek puts it- as Millennials can blame our parents for raising us to be narcissistic sociopaths.

The truth of the matter is, unless you are already a well known, well established, money-making blogger you are nobody. You need to build your name and reputation at all costs.

So how do you do this?

Guest blog like crazy. Make sure you are putting your name into any and all blogs you can that will accept you (that are within your niche of course).

Jon Morrow, world famous and ultra-successful mega blogger, used this method when launching his successful blog,

he wrote guest posts for all the big blogging websites. He was a good writer who had clout, so luckily he didn’t find it too difficult to get the gigs. And he estimates that helped him to get nearly 3,000 subscribers.

The last part of that paragraph is of utmost importance: “…and he estimates that helped him to get nearly 3,00 subscribers.”

Morrow is now running his blog while brining in over 6 figures on a monthly basis.

Again, when you are building your blog in an attempt to create financial freedom for yourself, you are simultaneously looking to build your name, brand and reputation.

Once you have this, you are on to the next step.

Build an email list- Utilizing the traffic you own

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In order to make money utilizing your brain and the ideas in your head, you are going to need to sell to the community and audience that has bought into your message.

So what exactly does that mean.

You are going to need to sell to the individuals that you own.

That sentence might seem daunting to you. It’s the truth, however. There is a way to own your audience.

In his book, DOTCOM Secrets, Russell Brunson goes over the difference between the Three Types of Traffic:

  1. Traffic You Control: You control traffic when you have the ability to tell it where to go. For example, if I purchase an ad on Google, I don’t own that traffic (Google does), but I can control it by buying an ad and then sending those who click on that ad where I want.
  2. Traffic You Don’t Control: The traffic you don’t have any control over and don’t have any control over where it came from or where it goes. For example, if someone mentions my ebook on Facebook, their followers may search my name in Google, and they may land on some random page in my blog.
  3. Traffic You Own. Traffic you own is the best kind of traffic. It’s your email list or your followers, readers, customers, etc. It’s the traffic you own because you can send out an email and you will generate instant traffic.

Once you have built a substantial amount of traffic you own, you are essentially building your potential customers and your marketplace.

This is all great but I’m having trouble building my list in the first place…

You’re not alone. A lot of people have had trouble doing this (I myself had trouble before I learned a handful of tricks).

My first question, what are you doing to incentivize people to giving you their email address?

People are getting a lot smarter. They are becoming educated with what it means to provide an email- essentially what it means is spam.

But remember, you are providing real value to your audience. You aren’t here to bamboozle anyone. The value you are providing is clear and evident. You are going to positively change lives.

So how do I incentivize people?

  • Ebook giveaway. Provide your follower with a quick guide to help bring value to their life.
  • Free online course. Similar to the ebook, you are providing your follower with a multi-day course that will help them learn a new skill or improve some aspect of their life.
  • Online quiz. People love to think and discover something new about themselves. Online quizzes are another good way to both provide value to your follower while simultaneously obtaining ownership to their traffic.
  • Webinar signup. This is a fantastic way to not only obtain ownership to your audience’s traffic but also open the door to real-time interaction (live webinar). You are teaching your follower a new skill and also diving into the value of who he or she might be.

Once you have ownership of your audience’s traffic you are now in control of the discussion and navigating the conversation to a place of financial gain.

The release and sale of your product or service.

But what’s the last step?

This is where it starts to get good…

If you really want to create success with your audience it’s time to release your own products and services for financial gain.

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

It’s remarkable how many people are afraid to take the “leap” to this step. I put leap in quotation marks because I truly don’t believe it’s a leap at all.

I think everything you have done up to this point only leads to this step. You have built a community through using your own beautiful voice and mind. You have grown your credibility.

People trust what you have to offer. You have value to offer.

It’s about time you get rewarded for all of your hard work. You are coming from a place of helping people (remember, you are solving their problem).

Influencers get scared when selling and asking for money. They think:

  • My audience isn’t big enough (well when will it be big enough?)
  • They think I’m not credible (well who really is credible? You’ve done your research).
  • They think their product or service isn’t “good” (let the market decide that, not you).
  • There are so many people selling the same thing! (Don’t make me repeat the Abundance Mindset again, plus… your audience says otherwise).

The truth is- if you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t.

Think about what you are going to sell.

  • Are you going to self-publish and sell your Great American Novel?
  • Are you looking to help people payoff their student loans through your innovative budgeting software?
  • Are you going to create and sell a comprehensive digital video series that teaching people to go from amateur writer to 6 figure influencer? (cough, cough)

You have been working on this for a long time.

You are credible. You are an expert. It’s time you be recognized for that.

So are you ready for the “leap?”

In my estimation, you clicked the link that brought you this article because you wanted to change your life, right?

If you don’t enter into the market, what was all of this for? Was it just a hobby? Were you bored and wanted to put in your hustle, blood, sweat and tears into building an influence just so you could show something cool to your friends?

Of course not.

Maybe you hate your job and wanted financial freedom. Maybe you wanted to travel the world and make money while doing it.

This is your chance.

The development of products and services through your influence is your ticket.

You have already provided to much knowledge, insight and value to your audience.

Give them the opportunity to show you how much they care.

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