How to Not Crash and Burn

Genola Johnson
Oct 21 · 5 min read

There are so many people who dream of working in their own business every day, while they get up and go to work for someone else. While this can be hard, it is doable.

Even if you have to go back to a full-time gig just to get funding for the business that’s okay too. Your business doesn’t have to suffer while you are generating revenue to kick things into gear.

So you ask yourself, how can I do this without crashing and burning? You know, it’s possible to actually have your cake and eat it too.

There are several things you have to put into place in order for things to run like a smoothly oiled machine while your attention is on the full-time or part-time job for that matter.

Here are some tips that I’ve found to help me while I’m working somewhere else.

  1. I’ve figured out my strengths. I know my bandwidth and absolutely will not exceed over it; therefore, I hire out. This could be via a VA, tools, and platforms to help keep the business going when I’m not there.
  2. Understand your personal peak times. Know when you are able to work efficiently and effectively to get things done right and in a timely manner. This may include getting up an hour earlier or staying up an hour later.

Another option could be getting to work an hour earlier and working on your business until you are to be on ‘their’ time clock, or do it after work and hour later. You can chunk time during your day possibly work during your full-time work hours (i.e. lunch). You don’t want to work on YOUR business on someone else’s time.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it done all at one time

Take some time to read this article, How To Maximize Your Lunch Break To Achieve Your Dreams.

3. Have set hours to work. Know you have a certain amount of time each day, do not deviate from it. Plan what you are going to do at that time. Be realistic and do that one or two tasks. You’ll be amazed at how much you really do get done.

4. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it done all at one time. If you are in the middle of setting up a plugin for your site and it’s not finished. The world will not end. Just finish it during your next time for work.

5. Carve out personal time. If you work an hour after you return home, then do one hour and one hour only. Don’t say, oh, I can do another. You need to rest. Remember, your brain needs time to recharge and you need time to meditate and hear what your next steps should be in getting things going. Take time to rest.

Stay focused.

6. As I mentioned a bit in my first tip, use platforms, and technologies to help you. You can not possibly post to your social media networks during your workday. Even if you only worked in your business you can not do that. There are other things to get done.

Get a scheduler platform, schedule your posts by the month and keep it moving. What I do is I leave about 2 or 3 slots open each week for my new content that will come out weekly and each week it only takes me 5 minutes or less to upload those posts into the scheduler.

7. Stay focused. I joined a mastermind that I participate in on my commute from work. In this group, I’m learning how to focus and stay on target toward my goal. I write the goal down, review it each morning and evening and this has helped me keep moving when I think I just can’t go on. But I do.

8. Be realistic. I know that I’m not Wonder Woman, my superhero as a child. It would be nice, but I’m not. Like I said earlier if I can’t get something done. I’m okay with it. I can get back to it later. I need my brain housing groups’ energy for being creative and helping me get things going and not thinking of regrets and shoulda’s and coulda’s.

9. Do something you love. I absolutely love what I do. If you are doing something you dread, it weighs you down and makes life more stressful. Luckily, I enjoy my full-time gig as well as my business. I’m happy on both ends, but I know that my calling is for what I do for my business.

When and IF you have time off from work and you’ve dedicated it to working on your business.

10. Get a business coach. When you are working so closely in your business, you can’t see many things that are happening. Getting someone to help you is invaluable. You are working, bringing in income, dedicate some of those funds to hiring a coach. It will help you get from point A to point Z a whole lot quicker.

11. Take a holiday. Make sure there are some weekends or evenings, you are not working on your business. Take a holiday to just recharge with family and friends. You’ll be amazed at how focused you’ll be when you return.

12. Exercise. With my commute of 90 minutes 1 way, this has been difficult for me to squeeze in. So now, weekends are the only days available. But, I’m doing that because I know I’ve got to keep my body in good condition to keep up with where I’m going.

13. When and IF you have time off from work and you’ve dedicated it to working on your business. Make sure family and friends know and not interrupt you from your goal of getting your list of things done. Again, carve out specific times of your off time to take care of the things you need to get done.

Remember, everyone gets only 24 hours in a day. No more or no less. Make sure you use ALL of your hours, minutes and seconds to the best efficient and effective way you possibly can.

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