How To Skyrocket Your Medium Followers To 1,000 In 4 Months (2020 Update)

Jesse Kerema
Jun 7, 2018 · 7 min read

I recently read an article about ‘How to get 5,000 Medium followers in under a month’ and as I read it, I got quite angry. I get that the post is some kind of kick in the teeth to people who are trying to gain page views, even though the piece ironically does that with the article header.

But it even tries to make it sound like wanting to build a following is a bad thing.

Ignoring this, it made me think back to a couple emails I received a month ago asking me exactly this; ‘How do I build my Medium following’ and I have decided it’s time to share exactly how I got to my first 1,000 Medium followers in 4 months.

The Beginning

It’s really important that I speak about the first month, as it can be very unmotivating when you see that absolutely no one reads or even acknowledges your published articles (which makes point 1 off the checklist really important).

Imagine month one like building a base. You’re simply there just to build up a backlog of comments and articles.

As you build up this backlog of content, momentum starts to kick in. People start to notice and you start to build Medium followers.

It takes time.

Okay, let’s move on to what you need to do in order to build your Medium followers.

There are 5 things that you need to do daily if you want to build a solid Medium following and reach that lucky number 1,000.

I know most of you reading this are going to try the ‘follow, unfollow’ technique and very quickly, you’re going to realise Medium is one of the only platforms that won’t work on. Medium is different. It’s not full of memes, half-naked photos of girls at the beach and all the other crap other platforms are filled with. It’s full of people putting out quality content. Which means people on there are looking for quality content. NO ONE will follow you just because you followed them. They’ll follow you for your content.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead.

Follow a couple hundred people and see what happens.

Now that’s out of the way, here are the 5 daily tasks:

1. Publish an article (through a publication)

You’re on Medium, so write. Contribute. Develop quality content on a topic you’re passionate about and publish it.

Without published content, why bother being there?

If it’s you’re first time writing like it was for me when I started using Medium, I have good news. It’s a very supportive community. People generally won’t say negative things towards you and will always help point out mistakes.

I found this so helpful and actually used people correcting my articles as a way of developing my skills. Note what people are correcting, learn why they corrected it and improve.

I can only speak for articles revolving around topics like; personal development, productivity or motivation but I have been on Medium long enough to see a pattern.

So keep these points in mind:

  • Keep it under 4 minutes long
  • Don’t be too descriptive (people like to skim)
  • List form articles do best
  • Develop click-bait headings (like the one on this article)

Keep those points in mind and you’ll be developing the perfect content for Medium.

The other point to remember is publishing them ALL through a publication. Publications in themselves have followers. Which means they open up a whole new audience that you wouldn’t normally have access to. I found this out the hard way. Doing this will most likely mean you’ll reach 1,000 Medium followers quicker than me.

To find the right publication, just search a certain tag and click the ‘publications’ tab. You will then be able to see all the relevant publications in that tag. Then, generally, the publication will have a link to their submission form.

2. Comment on 20 articles

This point alone has just lost me about half of the people reading this article.


I know. It’s a lot but you didn’t seriously think you could get to 1,000 followers by just posting articles, did you?


You have to engage and you have to do it more than others to grow faster.

So, 20 comments. Every day. On articles that relate to your topics and not just comments like ‘Great post!’, I mean good quality, engaging comments.

In the beginning, 20 comments are going to take you a while. In fact, when I started it would take me at least an hour but as you get better and know what you’re looking for, it will become less.

I got it down to about half an hour.

Every comment has the ability to reach more people and all those people are going to come back to your profile.

3. Use up all your daily ‘claps’

I’m amazed at how undervalued ‘claps’ are on Medium. I don’t mean receiving them, I mean giving them out.

Every 24 hours you get a set amount of articles that you can ‘clap’ on. Since the beginning, I have made a habit out of using all of them every 24 hours.

This is where it starts to get a little random. Go down the line of a tag and ‘clap’ every single article. I know what you’re thinking ‘that’s cheating’, well maybe it is but it works. Unlike the ‘follow, unfollow’ technique, ‘clapping’ a lot of articles is subconsciously complimenting a person’s piece of work.

While going down a tag, ‘clapping’ and all the articles, there’s a certain type of person who is most likely going to check out the person who just ‘clapped’ their article.

People with less than 100 followers.


Not many people ‘clap’ their articles. They’re in their first month.

Remember, ALWAYS use up all of your ‘claps’. It takes about 3 minutes to do and will make a huge difference.

4. Respond to every comment you receive

As you start to build momentum, you’ll start to get more comments on your articles. This is where you can start to build a community as opposed to a following.

If a person has taken time out of their day to leave a comment on your article, you can give them the time of day to respond.

Respond to every comment.

5. Boost views with (previously Stumble Upon) is one of the internet’s best gifts for anyone trying to build a personal brand.

Especially for people on Medium.

If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a quick rundown:

It’s a platform that allows people to submit URL’s and web pages to their database. Then you can ‘stumble’ all of these pages at random, based on the topics you’re interested in.

For a blogger, this is gold.

You can submit every article and watch the additional views roll in. Now, this might not be huge for followings and most are just random people who look briefly but for an extra minute and the possibility of your work being seen by 1 ‘worth it’ person, its something you should be doing.

2020 updated tips

As I’ve been using Medium more, I’ve identified a couple more tips that will help you grow quicker:

Okay, this is kind of an eye-opener for me and it was right in front of us the whole time.

Medium Influencers get 10’s of thousands of views on all of their articles with ‘claps’ almost always reaching into the thousands.

So why not piggyback off that?

Here’s what you’re going to do:

  • Download the Medium app
  • Follow as many Influencers in your target topics as possible.
  • Turn on the Medium app notifications
  • Every time one of these Influencer’s posts a story, you’ll get a notification
  • As soon as you get that notification, open Medium. Then clap the post and leave a thoughtful comment.

The reason you do this is that Influencer stories have a good chance of at least going semi-viral and being one of the first to comment means that your comment has a good chance of getting a lot of views.

Which in turn, means a lot of clickthroughs to your profile.

Like I’ve done here, update your content yearly.

This gives you another reason to share your content. Notifying people that you’ve updated it for 2020!

Final Word

Medium is the best platform for people looking to build a following through content writing. The trick is building the momentum. Don’t stop, stay consistent and do that for at least 4 months.

You’ll be amazed at the opportunities that will come your way.

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