How To Start A Startup 🚀

Here’s a framework you can use to align your business and customer motivations. Plus Free Download.

Lenny Manor ★
Dec 6, 2018 · 5 min read
How to start a startup business

Why do some startups just seem to resonate with people while others don’t?

As consumers, we seek solutions to problems that are connected to our overarching belief systems and emotional connections.

As entrepreneurs, we seek to create a valuable solution which solves a big enough problem for a large enough group of people.

What we need is a way to connect the two thought paths and achieve a state of product market fit nirvana which will help us start our startup.


  1. The ‘Why’ Map
  2. Aligning your business and customer motivations
  3. Using the map for marketing your startup

1. The ‘Why’ Map

how to start a startup company

I’ve developed the ‘Why Map’ which is designed to help you refine, align and synergise your idea. From top to bottom and side to side the Why Map helps you make the connections that will ensure your solution matches a market need so that your startup marketing efforts actually produce results.

By structuring your thought process in the format that the map suggests you begin to control the direction of your thoughts in a way that constructively develops a final solution. In addition to this, it’s a fantastic tool to help you look at the solution from other perspectives and discover new connections you may not have realised previously.

2. Aligning Your Business And Customer Motivations

Let’s take a look into how this framework can be used in the real world.

Business Why Vs Customer Why

The Why — how to start a startup business

Starting off with the business Why and customer Why, there needs to initially be some synergy between what you stand for and what your customers value. Remember what Simon Sinek mentioned in his book Start With Why, “people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.”

When looking at the business Why the question is, what is the underlying vision or purpose behind the business? in other words, what is the big goal you’re really trying to reach?.

The customer will have different motivations, so we need to ask a slightly different question — what deep underlying and emotional reason will the customer be filling?. The answer to this can often be discovered by asking the questions why five times, each time digging deeper into the motivations leading to someone eventually becoming your customer.

This first level is essential, it is the base of all decisions to come here after and is the foundation of all content, communication and all that will keep us aligned and relevant to our startup marketing plan.

Business How Vs Customer How

The How — how to start a startup

Now that we have the underlying why’s it’s time to think about the strategies that can best fulfil the why in the previous step.

If the Why is the underlining foundation for why you do what you do, the How is slightly more manipulative and can be adjusted as time goes on to focus on the most successful strategies, here is where changes to your strategy or pivots can occur.

The strategy you formulate as the framework suggests needs to synergise with the customers How by actually relating it back to the tasks the customer is attempting to fulfil whilst trying to live there Why.

Business What Vs Customer What

The What — how to start a startup company

Finally coming down to the What which are your ideas of potential solutions that both incorporate your business how and align with your customers’ tasks.

What you’ll find is that your idea begins to twist and change as you develop both sides of the framework and that’s 100% OK, the intention of this framework is to get you ever closer to a solution which synergizes the business and the customer into the one unified view by looking at it from both angles.

3. Using The Map For Marketing Your Startup

You can download a copy of the ‘Why Map’ here.

How To Do Marketing For A Startup Business

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