How to turn old articles into evergreen viral opportunities

Learn the four-step solution to turn old articles into evergreen content promotion

Fab Giovanetti
Jun 20 · 4 min read

As part of my weekly schedule, I have the habit to go through my RSS feed collating all articles from my favourite publications.

It’s just one of those things I do to keep up to date with the latest and greatest, without necessarily feeling overwhelmed by an inbox full of newsletters.

During one of my latest reading sprees (you can imagine me flicking through the pages of an imaginary newspaper, if you like) I stumbled across an article from Hubspot on turning older articles into evergreen pieces.

I did not need loads of persuasion to be hooked, to be honest.

I am a massive advocate of repurposing myself.

However, this article had a very specific case study with a few key reasons why older articles have more potential than we give them credit for.

Evergreen topics can be re-shared multiple times. They are perfect to be used as a lead-way into your brand, and ultimately will rank higher than loads of fresh new content.

How to repurpose content to maximise exposure

Now, for someone who has seen the rise in popularity of Mind Body Green and Thrive Global as publications (aka quantity at scale), the idea of rethinking of editorial as less news pieces, and more evergreen content was the revelation I was waiting for.

Needless to say, I was sold.

Yet, the article was missing the how.

How do you go about reviewing your whole editorial backlog, counting we have a magazine with over 1,206 articles? This is where yours truly is going to answer.

I followed a very simple (yet slightly time-consuming) four-step process to get us up to scratch with our old articles.

  1. Collect all the articles in a spreadsheet: this involves all the old articles that you want to turn evergreen. This sounds like the most time-consuming aspect, yet if you block a few hours, you’ll start to get an idea of what can be turned evergreen – no news pieces, or latest features etc. Productivity, tools (yes you can update those) are great options, just to give a few examples.
  2. Review and update: this is where it gets fun (sigh). Reading through old articles and updating can be endless. I save loads of resources on latest updates on platforms such as Instagram so if, for example, I am revamping an article on stories, I may add a few notes or paragraphs on newest features from my weekly RSS spree. Depending on the article, you can also add “updated in June 2019”at the top of your article, if you are looking to suggest new tools, softwares or books in your piece.
  3. Add a call to action: I did this together with step two. As I was reviewing, I’d add email signup forms as well as backlinks to other articles, and links to some of our offers. Skipping this step means pretty much making all of your work futile.
  4. Repurpose: now it’s time to share on social and spread the love. Whether you use them in your newsletter, or share them as a Pinterest graphic, or add them to your Medium articles (wink wink) there is so much scope for those articles.

How often do you do this process?

Realistically, this mammoth project should be tackled once or twice a year. I always save timely updates on topics we cover, in case I can add them to evergreen articles.

I believe that for my own mental sanity every six months is enough.

I am already seeing a higher conversion rate on our email subscription, which is ultimately what this is for, and I’d highly recommend anyone with an active blog to do the same. Just buckle up, block off a few days next week and get on repurposing.

If you’d like to learn how to automate your content, click on the link here.

About Fab:

Fab Giovanetti is a business mentor, published author, influencer-specialist, best known as the founder of the Health Bloggers Community and co-founder of the Register of Health and Wellness Influencers.

Serial start-up founder and professional troublemaker, she is obsessed with avocados and helping people making an impact in health and wellness. Sounds like you? Get daily tips on how to grow your influence via the HBC magazine.

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Fab Giovanetti

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Fab Giovanetti is a business mentor, author, influencer-specialist, best known as the founder of the Health Bloggers Community 👉

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Medium's largest active publication, followed by +477K people. Follow to join our community.