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How to win at business and life in a digital world [PODCAST interview]

In conversation with Jeff Bullas, one of the most influential digital marketers

I spend every day from five to nine in the morning reading, researching and writing. And I have been improving that process from 2008 to today “- Jeff Bullas.

I would like to share this gift with you, the opportunity to interview one of the first people, together with Chris Brogan, that I started to follow in 2008 when I entered the world of social media and digital marketing, Jeff Bullas.

Jeff Bullas: The work in digital marketing that works

Jeff has an endless list of recognitions, mentions, appearances and reaches as one of the most prominent figures in digital marketing, social media, content marketing, and blogging. Entrepreneur, writer of several books, among them the eight secrets to master the art of blogging. His mission is to help companies and professionals win in life, in business, and in the digital world. The purpose carried out through his blog, workshops, and consultancies mainly, and also his social networks, especially on Twitter. You can read Jeff’s full bio here.

Disrupt Everything presents, Jeff Bullas

This episode is an interview of almost an hour where I talk in depth with Jeff Bullas on some of the essential issues to excel today in digital marketing. In addition to speaking and discussing other issues that make it possible to lead a great life, a great business, and a great job.

Never be satisfied” — Jeff Bullas.
Jeff Bullas

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Index of contents

  • Key milestones.
  • Changes and evolution of the digital landscape.
  • What companies and professionals, should focus on digital marketing.
  • Effective multi-channel tactics.
  • The critical guidelines of content marketing.
  • The pillars of SEO.
  • How to create a blog that remains very popular after more than 8 years.
  • Keys on blogging.
  • The day to day of Jeff Bullas.
  • The most determining ability.
  • The key process for reinvention.
  • The most decisive habit.
  • Current and future projects.
  • Where to learn and get inspiration from.
  • His favorite podcast.
  • Favorite blogs.
  • People who to learn from.
  • Personal facet and lifestyle.

You can also listen directly from the Disrupt Everything podcast series homepage.

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