How To Write An Effective Welcome E-mail and Grow Your Brand

Kickstart your e-mail marketing with a powerful welcome e-mail.

Bach Fakih
Aug 28, 2019 · 5 min read
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Strike while the iron’s hot. It’s as solid advice for blacksmiths as it is for marketers.

A new subscriber to your e-mail list is a warm lead. Not sending a welcome e-mail is letting the metal harden so you’ll have a harder time hammering it. I don’t want to say you’d be dumb to do it, but…

It’s easier when warm. A new subscriber is warm. After all, she went out of her way and decided to take the extra time putting in her information to stay in contact with you. She is at her peak interest and expects a message anytime now.

Your welcome email will determine how your subscribers see your brand and future e-mails in the same way the first sentence set the tone for the rest of this article.

Yet, only 57% of brands send welcome e-mails to their new subscribers.
This is leaving money on the table considering that welcome emails are 4 times more likely to be opened and generate 320% more revenues than normal promotional e-mails.

Clearly, you need a welcome e-mail. You can drill down all the welcome e-mails into 3 categories:

The presentation, the pitch, and the start.

One more time from the top: In this day and age, engaging customers is crucial for the success of your brand.

Nobody wants to do business with another generic brand. People want other human beings behind the screen. Someone who can understand them and their hardships. Someone who actually cares for them. Not someone who shows they care only for their pockets.

Your welcome e-mail is your first chance to engage your prospects and reaffirm they’ve made the right decision.

Here’s Away welcome e-mail.

You want to identify with a brand like this. Hell, you want to be changing the industry with them after this message.

A welcome email needs to get your prospect hooked. It must clearly present the brand’s story and mission, the benefits consumers get and should also set expectations about the future.

The goal is to make your readers fall in love with your brand.

Your welcome e-mail is likely to be your most opened one. Therefore, a pitch at that moment isn’t such a bad idea. With a lead still warm, all you have to do is to gently push them toward the edge so that it feels they’re making the decision to jump.

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Here, MVMT isn’t aggressively selling their watches. It smoothly presents the brand and its values while still showcasing and pitching its products.

To go a step further, you can also add an offer like Uber did and turn a warm lead into a furnace ready to burst.

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Do not forget to present your brand. Even when pitching your products. They need to know what you’re about.

Give Millenials what they’re chasing: Instant Gratification.
By having prospects use and like your products from the get-go, you will build the trust needed and will make things easier down the road.

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Here, Drift links to their most popular article knowing there’s a good chance new subscribers will like them and have a good first experience with them.

A Start e-mail builds the relationship with your consumers for easier transactions in the future. Therefore, it works best for newsletters or at the start of a funnel.

How To Write Your Welcome E-mail.

While I divided welcome emails into 3 types, they can and should intertwine. By stating your brand’s value when pitching, or by having an offer with your engagement e-mail, you will drive more traffic for your brand.

Your welcome e-mail must check a few boxes:

  • Thank your customers for signing up. It is your chance to connect with them and engage them. Personalize it and make it about them.
  • Deliver on your lead magnet’s promise. If you promised a free seven days trial, you better deliver. If you promised industries secrets and insights, you better deliver.
  • Present your brand. Your values and your mission.
  • Set expectations for the future. Such as your e-mail’s frequency and content.

Your headline should be enticing. Make it clear something of value is waiting on the inside.

A simple “welcome to the family” works. Though, I find it to be over-used. Be creative and punchy. The headline of my welcome e-mail is “You’re with me. Come in.”

You got them to open your email but the work isn’t done. You wouldn’t open a pack of sour-skittles just to leave it on the table, would you?

There must be a clear call to action as to what’s next.
You’re offering a discount or presenting your best articles? Link to your offer.
You’re going to send them an e-mail a day for the next week? Tell them.

MVMT’s would have had different results with an e-mail composed of black letters on a white background. Drift’s welcome e-mail would not have had the same effect if it had artsy and flashy designs.

Every brand has its image to portray. Think: Do you need to be exciting? Do you need to be helpful or do you need to be educational?

If you’re a candy company, your e-mail should feel like someone threw up a rainbow on it. If you’re a law firm, it needs to be simple and professional.

Few things are as frustrating as being signed up to a newsletter without your consent. Deleting e-mail after e-mail even when you’ve already “unsubscribed” dozens of time.

If someone goes as far as unsubscribing from your list, it’s not worth the time or effort to try to keep them. Let it happen. They probably weren’t invested enough to spend their bread anyway.

E-mail list and welcome e-mails are a dime a dozen. You have to differentiate yourself from all the marketers out there if you want customers to pay any attention. Show them you’re unique.

Your e-mails should come from a person, not a brand (please, stop with the “do not reply”). Tell a story, be funny with gifs or memes, connect with your audience…whatever you do, be creative, be appealing and most importantly…be human.

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