I Borrowed James Clear’s Instagram Strategy to Grow My Email Newsletter

The author of Atomic Habits is a master of content repurposing and focused action.

Karo Wanner
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8 min readAug 26, 2021


How to grow my email newsletter with Instagram? Strategy
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Are you wondering how to grow your email newsletter on social media without spending hours of time creating channel-specific content?

Yes? Me too. The email list is the content creator's most powerful tool to build a loyal following without relying on third parties and slaying for the moody algorithm.

As a content creator, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are so many things we should do. Writing articles, growing our social media following, having a top-notch newsletter — weekly of course.

Sounds like a full-time job? It is. To succeed, we need laser-sharp focus on the right actions.

This is where I struggle the most. I feel I could do well if I just had more time. But that is the wrong approach! We have to optimize our limited time and work smarter.

Let’s learn from the most successful and prolific writers of our time and copy their strategies to overcome our biggest obstacles.

When I came across James Clear’s Instagram account, it hit me. I was doing it all wrong. Without knowing how many newsletter subscribers he generates with his Instagram account, it screams clear focus and best-in-class strategy.

The reader knows exactly what to do and is guided to the exact actions James wants them to take in exchange for fresh powerful ideas at their fingertips. Sounds like a good trade!

Let’s dissect James Clear’s Instagram strategy. How can you as a writer/content creator apply his tactics to let the Instagram algorithm find engaged newsletter subscribers for you without spending hours creating content for free?

Clear Focus

James Clear has set 2 primary goals for his Instagram presence. First, he wants to increase his newsletter subscribers, and second sell his best-selling book Atomic Habits.

How do I know that? It’s dead obvious. Every post, every action is directing his followers either to goal one or two. Sounds salesy? He delivers content his followers want to read, therefore; they…



Karo Wanner
The Startup

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