I Didn’t Know Being Your Own Boss Meant Living Life Like This

The side of solopreneurial life you don’t see online.

Anangsha Alammyan
The Startup


Photo by Dip Devices on Unsplash

The freedom to work on your own terms is exhilarating.

I learned this when I quit my job to become a full-time writer in 2021.

No more rigid schedules or restrictive policies. I could choose my projects, set my work hours, and make my own rules.

For the first few months, it felt as if I’d unlocked the secret to a happy life. I woke up every day with stars in my eyes, and when I went to sleep at night, all I had in my heart was gratitude.

This brand new life felt almost too good to be true.

Turns out, it was.

Within a few months, I found myself working around the clock. Amidst building my personal brand, writing articles, and working on the client’s content, I was always exhausted.

Not having the stability of a regular paycheck often made me question if I was truly doing my best. As the initial excitement wore off, the isolation of working alone took a toll on my mental peace.

That’s when I realized what it actually means to lead a self-employed life.