I See You: Computer Vision Fundamentals

Archit Rastogi
The Startup
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10 min readAug 9, 2020


My introduction to Computer Vision happened in 2017 when I was doing Self-driving Car Nanodegree from Udacity. The first semester was mainly related to Computer Vision and Deep Learning which sparked my interest in the subject. This post would cover some basic introduction of Computer Vision as well as Camera Calibration and affine transformations.

The goal of computer vision is to aid machines to see and understand the content of digital images. It deals with perceiving and understanding the world around you through images. Each digital image is made up of different pixels which are the smallest building blocks for an image. Mathematically, it's these pixels that contain different values for different features -colors. A simplified example would be an image in an RGB color scheme with every pixel containing values of Red, Green, Blue. In this case, the image can be seen as a matrix whose values can be utilized by different algorithms. A video stream is just a collection of different 2D images played over time.

Image Courtesy: https://theauthorhelper.com/rl/readerlinks-help-page/understanding-pixels/

Different algorithms can be used to extract information from images and videos. These algorithms might look at different features in the image and apply different techniques:

  • Colour Detection- Different colors are coded differently mathematically.
  • Edge detection: edge detection helps the…