I Spent 30 Days Analyzing The Best Call To Action Buttons I Could Find On The Internet

Get smarter at creating CTAs people (actually) want to click on.

Jano le Roux
The Startup


A CTA with instructions, friction removers, low commitment, and social proof.

Call-to-action buttons kill and skyrocket digital startups.

Think about it.

The crazy truth: Every client has to click on the right one to become a client.

But I’ve heard way too many contrasting tips from way too many gurus.

  • Some say go soft sale.
  • Some say go hard sale.

Instead of taking anyone's word for it, I decided to go on my own micro button hunt mission.

The rules were simple.

Whenever I caught myself wanting to pull a naughty Netflix session I’d have a naughty little peek at the call-to-action buttons of my favorite brands instead.

Here’s what I stumbled upon.

Make it risk-free

People don’t like commitments.

Commitments feel risky.

Nobody wants to sign their soul away.

  • Let them try things first.
  • Free takes away a lot of stress.
  • Let them commit to a baby step.



Jano le Roux
The Startup

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