I Spent 30 Days Analyzing The Genius Marketing Strategy Behind The Vision Pro

Would you walk around in public wearing a Vision Pro?

Jano le Roux
The Startup


Apple Vision Pro launch.

People say the Vision Pro ads don’t make any sense.

Why is Apple spending so much money advertising a $4,000 product that nobody is going to buy?

The average person’s ad journey looks something like this.

  1. People see the ad.
  2. People look it up.
  3. People see the $4,000 price tag.
  4. People realize they definitely cannot afford it.
  5. People move on with their day.

From a traditional marketing philosophy — this doesn’t make any sense.

But this is exactly what Apple wants.

Apple’s seed planting strategy

Apple knows most people won’t buy a Vision Pro.

They don’t care.

Apple simply wants people to want a Vision Pro.

They’re planting the idea in people’s minds that they make very high-end very high-quality and very expensive spacial computers. And that’s enough.

Remember this is the Vision Pro.

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Jano le Roux
The Startup

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