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If You Had 1000+ Customers Ready to Buy Right Now…Would You Be Ready?

I’ve coached dozens of writers, authors, creatives, and entrepreneurs through my online courses in the past year.

The #1 problem most people have?

They think too small.

Most entrepreneurs start out with very small goals:

  • Sell your first product
  • Make your first dollar
  • Get your first book sale
  • Get your first email subscriber

After that, most people don’t really know what they’re shooting for (besides some generic idea of “huge success”).

But if you had a sudden 1000+ customers ready to buy today — would you be ready?

Sadly, most of these individuals would not be ready. And if you’re not ready, you’ll never get the results you want, because opportunity passes by anyone who’s unprepared.

Opportunity Wastes No Time With You If You’re Unprepared

“Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared.” George S. Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon

After 6+ years of writing, I’ve learned that opportunity and success can come instantly — but they can leave just as quickly, too.

Imagine you quit your job and now work for yourself. You sell products, have an email list, and desperately want to be successful.

You do good work, and miraculously, you wake up morning to find a huge celebrity just tweeted out a link to your work.

This happened to my friend just the other day — he and his wife run a small family business creating artistic and creative Bibles, and they woke up one morning to find Stephen and Ayesha Curry tweeting about how great those Bibles were.

This story has a happy ending — my friend and his wife are extremely hardworking and were prepared for the sudden influx of attention and orders.

Look at your business right now:

How would it have ended for you?

More commonly, this story ends poorly. How terrible would it have been if they had not prepared for the sales? What if their website crashed, the orders mixed up, the payment gateways were unsafe?

If you are not ready for 1000+ customers — if you don’t have the automations, technology, infrastructure, or planning to handle this sudden workload — you and your business (and your reputation) will suffer.


Good marketing for a bad product simply makes the bad product fail faster.

For years, I whined that I wasn’t making any money from my business. Looking back, I’m so grateful I didn’t make any money.

I called myself a “Career Coach” and my biggest dream was to help recent college graduates get jobs.

I had no sales page, email list, resources, or processes for these potential customers. The only thing I had was a generic message I sent to a few people on LinkedIn offering a free 8–week coaching package (I didn’t even have a package! I didn’t even think anyone would buy it so I didn’t create one).

Now imagine if Bill Gates heard about me — that I had unknowingly helped his nephew’s best friend get a job or something. Bill Gates (being as generous as he is) wants to help. “Go see @anthony_moore) for coaching! He’s great! #affordable #awesome #buymicrosoft” he’d Tweet from his private submarine.

I’d wake up with hundreds of requests for my services.

You know what would’ve happened? If I had 1000+ customers overnight?

It would’ve been a disaster!

I had no sales page! No coaching package! Nothing other than a personal email where I’d say, “Um, I charge like…$50 hour? For like 8 weeks?

No follow-ups. No automated email sequences. No payment gateway for orders. Holy crap, I had nothing.

No wonder I had no customers. If I did, they all would’ve asked for a refund.

Opportunity wastes no time with those who are unprepared.

If you had a sudden 1000+ customers wanting to buy your product, could they?

You get so few chances in this world. Make sure you don’t waste them.

Preparation Attracts Opportunities, Connections, and “Luck”

“Process creates events others see as ‘luck.’” -MJ Demarco

When you focus on having a prepared business that can handle a huge influx of orders at any time — even if you have barely any customers yet…

Your life and opportunities expand.

A couple years ago, I really wanted to be a life coach for college graduates. I knew a little (emphasis on little) about career coaching, and I had big dreams of getting paid a ton of money doing something cool.

I wasn’t ready — at all. I had no experience and made almost no real efforts to learn.

Then, I crossed paths with a rockstar life coach. He just so happened to be looking for a rockstar life coach to help mentor college graduates.

Holy crap, I thought. This is it!

But when he had coffee and he asked me about my qualifications…

I realized I had none.

And he went with someone else.

He chose someone else because that someone had been spending their time mastering new skills and preparing for a huge opportunity. When opportunity came, they were ready.

And while I tempted to get resentful and chalk it up to “luck,” I knew the truth:

They had the skills that I didn’t.

They were prepared, and I wasn’t.

In the words of Tony Robbins:

“Human beings follow through on who they believe they are.”

If you believe you’re a qualified, competent, skillful candidate, you treat yourself differently. When you treat yourself like a professional, your self-respect and self-confidence go up.

This attracts new opportunities, connections, and situations most people never get to enter. And when a truly golden opportunity comes along (like that rockstar life coach)…

You’ll be ready and get the reward while others are still scrambling.

When You Focus on the Process, the Outcome Takes Care of Itself

“Those who built good-to-great companies weren’t motivated by fear. They weren’t driven by fear of what they didn’t understand. They weren’t driven by fear of looking like a chump. They weren’t by fear of watching others hit it big while they didn’t. They weren’t driven by the fear of being hammered by the competition.” -Jim Collins

Ordinary people focus on the outcome.

But extraordinary people focus on the process.

Most entrepreneurs and creatives, most of the time, are focused on the outcome: making the sale, getting the gig, getting the money. But they can’t control the outcome — as a result, they get worked up and stressed out trying to get something they have no control over.

The truth is, when you focus on the process, the outcome takes care of itself.

You can control the process — what you do, what actions you take, how hard you work, your mindset and attitude. If you focus on these, good results will follow.

Focusing solely on “getting results” is exhausting. It sucks. It keeps you awake at night.

Back when I used to work as a telemarketer, I had a manipulative boss. He made us think we could guarantee sales if we just said the right thing at the right time. He’d constantly threaten to fire us when we didn’t hit our numbers.

I played along at first. I was perpetually stressed, exhausted, and burnt out. Pretty soon, even 6–8 cups of coffee a day (!) weren’t helping.

Eventually, I said — screw this guy. I can’t guarantee anything. What I can control is how I act on the phone. I can control the process.

Almost overnight, my sales numbers went up. I was far more calm and relaxed on the phone. I took it one call at a time. I wasn’t worried about “getting results” or “making the sale” — I was entirely focused on being helpful, period.

As a result, the outcome took care of itself.

In Conclusion

Are you ready for success to come today? Is everything lined up to handle a sudden influx of customers? Are you prepared?

When you act like you could get 1000+ customers at any second, you automatically start thinking bigger and more professionally. Your business will become sharper and more focused.

How do you become a professional? By acting like a professional.

In hus autobiography, Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote:

“The only way you become a leading man is to treat yourself like a leading man, and work your ass off.”

Treat yourself and your business like a serious, prepared enterprise, and that’s what it will become.

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