If You Have No Financial Assets, Build Simple Digital Assets

There’s no shame in starting from nothing.

Tim Denning
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6 min readMay 6, 2022


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Twitter bros forget some people can’t afford to buy stocks or crypto.

They have zero savings and are behind on their bills. I rarely see this reality described in personal finance books and articles.

A friend of mine is a single mother in the US. Her husband cheated on her with a long list of mistresses, and then walked out the door. Even though he has to pay child support he chooses not to.

“Come get me!” he tells her.

The authorities are a slow-moving train that may take ages to hold him accountable to the law, if it all. I wish her husband lived in Australia. Then I’d get my family’s humble law firm to drown him in so much legal paperwork his eyes would bleed and he’d do his manly duty and pay up.

Still, she’s in a tough spot. She’s ten of thousands of dollars behind in her bills. Her only source of income is freelancing which can be up and down at the best of times.

What does someone innocently caught up in a bucketload of disasters do to get their financial life back on track?

The answer rarely spoken about

Financial assets are great. You can buy them on discount right now as the global economy continues to slow. Nice.

If you have no free cash to purchase financial assets then you need to generate it. The cost of living is going up and 8.5% inflation is destroying families.

The easiest way to make cash is online. Your pool of customers is infinite. There are no borders and nothing stopping you. The setup cost is zero. The barrier to entry is zero. And your mate doesn’t have to be Elon Musk.

Cash online comes from digital assets such as:

  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Websites
  • Software
  • Templates
  • Youtube videos
  • Written content
  • Podcast interviews
  • Member-only Discord communities



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