I’m Giving Out My Best Business Ideas Hoping Someone Will Build Them

Indrek Lasn
Jun 17 · 4 min read

Yup, I’m giving out some of my best ideas. I’m not a saint, but I definitely belong to the group of doing things that matter and creating a better world for everyone.

Truth be told, the following ideas posted below are some really useful and desired ideas, which would create tons of value to everyone. If done right, the solution(s) will make you a very wealthy person.

I’m a very creative person and come up with new ideas daily, it’s becoming very selfish to keep all the ideas to myself. This is not a stunt, I’m just too busy working on my stuff and really want to see some of these ideas happen!

Don’t worry if the ideas are public, competition is good and if you’ve been around the startup scene, you know that ideas change, evolve and making stuff actually takes effort, which most people are not willing to do.

Alright, with that out of the way, here we go!

Idea 1 — Article and news fact-checking platform

If the platform is verified, a green tick is applied next to the article and SEO is boosted.

With the massive influx of miss-information and fake-news comes a need for verified content. There are still a bunch of us who fact check, read scientific papers, but let’s be honest, most of us don’t. It’s much easier to read the title of rubbish.

How exactly will this work? Who gets to decide what’s verified what not? Excellent questions to which I can’t give you answers. Maybe scientists decide? Decentralized voting with blockchain?

Idea 2 — Website for discussing controversial topics in a meaningful and intelligent way

Currently, we go on Twitter, shout as loud as we can, and hope to team up in order to create a mob. The bigger the mob, the bigger the noise, and less gets done.

What do you think if we could vote and assign a representative who represents your group and the values you hold.

Representatives are to debate different representatives. This way everyone gets to say what they want to say, in a cohesive manner.

Now, how much power should we give the representatives? Vote and tell us.

Idea 3 — Headless Grammarly (API version)

Check spelling and grammar mistakes by calling an API.

I picked this one up from Jason Calacanis, he literally said he would pay anyone who would scan his book, find typos, and fix them.

There are millions of authors, imagine if everyone had easy access to such powerful tools.

Idea 4 — Estate Hunter

Problem: Buying a property is a big investment. Most real-estate agents lie.

The service finds out the secret perks of a property and does a real review of a house, apartment, loft, etc.

For example, you might visit the property on Monday, but if it’s next to a club, it’s going to be a lot louder during the weekend.

Idea 5 — Hackathon event organizer tool

Problem: Hackathon organizers have to manage the progress, updates, requests with over +10 teams, sometimes over 50 teams.

If you ever organized a hackathon, you know the pain. There are usually 3 checkpoints per day, for roughly around 25 teams. Hackathons are a chaotic time. Teams change, new teams form, teams get abandoned, ideas change are being exchanged.

Solution: Provide a nice dashboard for hackathon organizers to manage their event, teams, and help organize their event.

More ideas here. If you like to read and are curious on how good ideas are born, start from this book.

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