Impactors — One Sentence Rules for Business Success #1

What are one sentence rules that have helped you attain success in business?

Here are the top picks from our diverse group of respondents…

Set a standard and meet it — no matter what!

Allan Elder, Organizational Leadership Professor at UC Irvine

When you have a clear mission statement, never deviate from your core values, and remain innovative…that is business success.

Melissa Meade

Infiltrate your business with purpose and values that are irresistible to prospective customers and creates an attractive team culture for today’s workforce.

Stacey Kehoe, Founder of Brandlective Communications & London Entrepreneur of the Year

Make sure you celebrate the small wins, particularly at the beginning when profit is not always a viable benchmark for success.

Mike Gardener, Founder & CEO of The Office Providers

Learn to learn as your industry will change and you have to keep up.
Seek out dissenting opinions as people who agree with you only strengthen what you already believe.
Surround yourself with talented people who will challenge you to be better.

Stephen Hart, CFO of Worldpay UK & CEO of Cardswitcher

Your customers are people, not numbers.

Will Harnes, Owner & Founder of ShowMeColumbus

You are what you do everyday.

Dayne Shuda, Owner of Ghost Blog Writers

Being great is a habit.
It’s about how you make people feel.
Mutual benefit and personal respect: two mandatories for employee loyalty.
Never compromise your values.
Focus on the customer.
Great service is about addressing the challenges in someone’s life.

Kevin Namaky, Founder of Gurulocity

The key to life and business relies on relationships.
Provide real value and you’ll never go hungry again.
Stop doing $10/hour jobs.
Put yourself at the bottom of your organizational chart; you’re there to support your staff.
Quality leaders shield their people from nonsense and wrath.
Promote your community partners relentlessly and watch the doors of opportunity stay wide open.

Travis Johnson

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