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Infinite Powers: The Story Of Calculus By Steven Strogatz β€” Review

A rare look at the history and logic of calculus, how it was invented and developed, and what it reveals about the universe, the planet, its creators β€” and, well, all of us

by GrrlScientist for Forbes | @GrrlScientist

NOTE: This piece was a Forbes Editor’s pick.

Cover: Infinite Powers: The Story of Calculus β€” The Language of the Universe by Steven Strogatz. (Credit: Atlantic Books)




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𝐆𝐫𝐫π₯π’πœπ’πžπ§π­π’π¬π­, scientist & writer

PhD evolutionary ecology/ornithology. Psittacophile. scicomm Forbes, previously Guardian. always Ravenclaw. discarded scientist & writer, now an angry house elf

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