Introducing the New Era of Business Enabled Blockchain Applications

A 1-on-1 with true Blockchain innovators and community builders.

Given the current state of Blockchain tech and innovation, you would think that accepting fiat payments with your dApp would be easy by now.

This just in: it still isn’t… adoption and practicality are yet to fully materialize.

Though the current state of affairs is about to change. Right now.

There is a new kid on the block offering a much needed, easy-to-use solution for all of us futurists and the crypto fellowship as a whole.

How you ask? Sit down, relax, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, a healthy snack and stay with me to see the who, the what and the how.

Enter LimeChain.

And yes, the office is green too. They even have a mini golf course. Scout’s honor.

So, uh… who are these guys? LimeChain is a Sofia-based Blockchain consultancy and development firm. Innovators by default and Limes by calling, they’re industry forerunners here to make our everyday lives a tad easier. Considering you’re a Blockchain believer that is.

Building B2B Blockchain solutions to drive growth and efficiency is only one side of LimeChain. These guys are quite the socially conscious bunch too. I can’t even remember how many times I heard ‘community building and awareness’ in our conversations. They truly do understand Blockchain’s merits as a social phenomenon.

And no, it wasn’t just some generic banter. They lead by example — or in other words, by organizing regular meet-ups to help educate enthusiasts of all sorts (businesses, developers, students, literally anybody interested) about Blockchain’s capabilities.

The ripple (pun intended) effect of their work within the tech space is remarkable. It’s a whole Blockchain family they’re at the core of. For real.

Last week, I had the exclusive pleasure to meet the Limes and get to know them in more detail. As amazing as they were, they offered me an insider’s peak into their newest project. In the works for months and launching early February, it really is something else…

Just like their coffee.

What is LimePay and how does it work?

In layman’s terms, it is a payment solution that enables Blockchain applications (or dApps) to accept a traditional payment means like credit and debit cards.

For an easier explanation and better illustration let’s pretend that we have an online store selling kick-ass t-shirts that use Blockchain for enhanced traceability, transparency and works with a native token.

In this particular case, George would like to buy a t-shirt. George is a non-Blockchain user and has limited knowledge on how dApps, wallets, buying/selling tokens work. Given our talk, I think George was some type of an inside joke among the Limes.

LimeChain’s website

On the left side, in grey, are the outlined steps George has to make in order to get his hand on the t-shirt he likes. The total process of getting KYC, through buying tokens, researching wallets and learning how to make transactions, could take from a couple of days to a few weeks. Not a customer-friendly experience per se, especially considering he can do the same in another online store that is selling a similar t-shirt.

On the rights side, in blue, you can see how the process looks like for the user when the online store has integrated LimePay. It’s the good old feeling of buying stuff online with no added complexity, no learning curve, and no waiting.

Why integrate LimePay?

LimePay’s main value proposition lies in increasing businesses’ payment options capabilities. It enables the acceptance of traditional payment means like credit and debit cards. This comes nothing short of a breakthrough in the current dApp payments ecosystem.

Currently, dApps are limited to the crypto savvy users that account for a really small fraction of the total market that can be addressed. LimePay helps overcome that challenge to offer products and services to a wider audience. It’s like having a normal e-commerce, app or platform but with the added value of the Blockchain layer.

En route to crypto en masse!

Is LimePay live and operational?

Yes, of course. LimePay is live and fully operational as of February 5th. In fact, the first clients are already up and running and more and more are flocking to see the actual benefits of using it. The Limes are receiving various inquiries about potential incorporation into existing payment processes

Supported by MakerDAO

LimeChain’s website

LimePay’s model is further validated by MakerDAO — the creators of DAI stablecoin. The guys from Maker have decided to support LimePay via their investment arm. Partnering with such a household name in the Blockchain is a clear validation of the product’s quality and the LimePay service.

The Limes’ excitement of working together with Maker was simply unmatched. They couldn’t help but show a soft grin whenever the collaboration came up. Ah, the sheer joy of seeing people work together with a shared, grand vision.

Curious to know more?

The Limes can be directly contacted at or through their online form at If you happen to be around Sofia, you might as well pay them a visit at their office. I’m sure a warm welcome would be in order!

Alternatively, if you’re interested into my personal take on their product you can also reach out to me. I can be easily found lurking around LinkedIn on a regular basis. I’ll be more than happy to share what I’ve learned about LimePay, their business and culture as a whole.

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