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Invasion of Privacy or Protective Parenting: How Parents’ Virginity Obsession Afflicts Human Rights

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  • Many people are born without a hymen — get over it!
  • Not everyone has the same hymen — the Hymen varies in size, shape, thickness, elasticity, and in fact, again, some are born without it.
  • The Hymen doesn’t usually cover the genitalia — Menstrual blood wouldn’t be possible if the hymen covered the vagina completely. There should be a place for the blood to leave the body.
  • The Hymen doesn’t have an integral purpose — the Hymen doesn’t serve any physiological function; the same goes with your appendix and wisdom teeth.
  • The Hymen, if someone has one or not, is their business — it is not the parents’, the religious leader’s or anyone else’s!



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Dr. Cindy M. Duke

Dr. Cindy Duke is a Hopkins & Yale trained Physician, Virologist, Blogger, Influencer & Clinical Assistant Professor.,