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Is Baidu a Value Investment? — Market Mad House

The failure of Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) to find a global audience casts serious doubt on the theory China will control the data economy.

In fact, Baidu had just 1.1% of the world’s search engine market share in August 2019, Statcounter estimates. In contrast, America’s search engine Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Google had 92.27% of the world’s search engine market.

Thus, Baidu is a failure outside of China but at home it is a huge success. Statista estimates Baidu had 93.2% of the Chinese Search engine market in September 2017…




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Daniel G. Jennings

Daniel G. Jennings

Daniel G. Jennings is a writer who lives and works in Colorado. He is a lifelong history buff who is fascinated by stocks, politics, and cryptocurrency.

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