Is It Still Profitable To Invest In Bitcoin Or Ethereum?

Analysis of the two most popular blockchain projects

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Should you even invest in cryptocurrency at all?

Before turning to the question of which cryptocurrency to invest in 2019, let’s briefly ask whether someone should do this at all. Because there are several reasons against such an investment.

Bitcoin and its potential

Did you know?

If you had invested 100€ in crypto currencies like Bitcoin in 2010, you would have tokens worth about 1.025.556,33€ today! Find out now how to invest in cryptos in 2019.

Why were Bitcoins invented?

Since the Internet was invented in the ’90s, access to this medium has grown tremendously. The door to the virtual world and thus a worldwide trade is open. The worldwide trade with different currencies makes payment transactions more difficult, as often high fees and processing time of several days are not uncommon.

The acceptance of Bitcoin increases

Irrespective of which heights the Bitcoin shoots to during the next run: The still enormous market capitalization of the coin of over 60 billion euros speaks for itself. The investor base does not intend to say goodbye to Bitcoin as soon as possible. Many people continue to believe that the Bitcoin Market is still unfolding its potential and that the market is still at its beginning.

Good time for BTC Investing?

Which brings us to the benefits: Investing in Bitcoin 2019 can pay off extraordinarily right now because the general skepticism towards BTC Investing is great. With a little luck, those who invest now will be among those who got on board before the next big hype — and will be happy about big profits after a while. Expressly: That doesn’t have to happen, but it can.

Ethereum the not so silent competitor

While Bitcoin is a pure cryptocurrency, Ethereum can do more. Ethereum intends to use its technology to replace third parties who store our personal information. Ethereum’s goal is to decentralize our personal information.
Here is an example: Some of us may use online document services or online work platforms to work together on projects. Others store their information such as photos, insurance letters, invoices, etc. in the Microsoft or Apple cloud. We, therefore, transfer our data to third parties and trust both the data protection and the integrity of the data.

Ether and Ethereum — the technology of the future?

For many, Ethereum is the successor to Bitcoin. This can be seen, among other things, in the fact that the market value is already (currently) about half of the Bitcoin. Whether and when the Bitcoin can be overhauled and the so-called “flipping” is achieved is difficult to predict. From our point of view, Ethereum provides a technology that will be groundbreaking in the future. However, both Ethereum and the cryptocurrency Ether are still in a relatively early development phase. So there are still some important challenges to overcome before stability similar to that of the Bitcoin is achieved.

Good time for Ether Investing?

As paradoxical as it may sound: Above all the great skepticism of the present gives rise to the hope that a current investment can pay off properly — at least in the long run. Those who invest now may be among those who profit from the next big hype — provided they interpret the signs correctly and get out again, while everyone else invests excitedly.

Earning with Ethereum: numerous possibilities

There are many different ways to earn money with Ethereum. Investing in Ethereum 2019 is possible through Ethereum Investment Trusts, but also through Banking on Ethereum. Alternatively, you can trade Ethereum derivatives — or simply buy Ethereum’s cryptocurrency Ether directly.


Bitcoin and Ethereum are still a good option to invest. The bull market of the last weeks only confirms this. But before you invest please always do your own research and do not just jump on the hype train like everyone in 2017. Think about your decisions and take a profit from it.

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