Is Writing On Medium Still Worth It?

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New Tom Kuegler “Medium” material! Yay!

It’s December 7, 2018 and I am writing about Medium once again.

My friends, I’m going to offer you a peek behind the curtain… Here’s the monthly stats for my WORDPRESS site.

Not bad, right? About 275–350 views per day ON AVERAGE. Which amounts to…

About 9,000 monthly page views. Most of these views are coming from Google nowadays because I’ve found my own sort of SEO formula.

So, that’s Wordpress.

Here’s the stats I get on Medium..

It’s not even a comparison, really, and even on LinkedIn where I used to re-publish my pieces, I’d get respectable numbers also..

My point?

That it’s hard to be a writer on the world wide web, and that it USED to be ridiculously easy to be one on Medium before the changes this past July.

Now it’s harder, but that doesn’t make Medium a worthless place to be on.

I Saw A Lot Of People Jump To Wordpress…. Here’s How That Worked Out

I saw one of my fiercest opponents write 1–2 articles per week about how sh*tty Medium was and then jump ship to a Wordpress blog.

When he did that I couldn’t help but wonder how long he’d stay at it until giving up — because I knew what awaited him.

Well, I just looked at that site a few days ago and it hasn’t been published on for about 6 weeks.

He learned REAL quick, didn’t he?

To his credit, he doesn’t publish here anymore, either. He pops in every now and then to bash Medium once more for old time’s sake, but I think he’s done publishing content for now.

“Medium” Was Like Living In Beverly Hills… HEAR ME OUT

Here’s a metaphor for you..

Medium used to be like living in Beverly Hills. I used to get 2,000–3,000 views EASY on pretty much any blog post I used to publish here.

That’s writer heaven if I ever saw it.

And I knew it — because I’d published on Wordpress for months without any traction — then I found Medium and it was like doing drugs.

Immediate views. Immediate followers. Immediate positive feedback.

Then everybody flocked to Medium and began enjoying the same thing..

And then we began thinking this was normal.
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Imagine growing up in Beverly Hills or any super rich neighborhood. You’d probably come to expect all the benefits that come with that lifestyle…

Then imagine moving out of Beverly Hills and into, say, the slums. It would be a major shock, right?

The problem is, life can’t get much better in Beverly Hills. You’re already at the top. So when the Medium changes happened in July and we all started seeing less traction, we saw a lot of people complaining.

Entitlement at its finest.

Then we started seeing people jump ship. Many went to Wordpress, but going to Wordpress is sort of like moving out of Beverly Hills and moving into the slums.

It’s not even comparable.

So people quit everything. Medium, Wordpress — everything.

At that moment, they probably understood just how good they had it before taking the axe to the their blogging career.

And here we are picking up the pieces.

Now Only The “Real Bloggers” Remain

Congratulations.. if you’re still here that means you have the stomach for success as a blogger.

It used to always be this hard. It used to always be crazy to think you could get actually get 30 views on your FIRST blog post.

Medium was like life support to so many people — artificially keeping us alive by making it easier on us.

But the life support has since been unplugged, and we’ve seen a massive extinction-level event because of it.

So, the question remains, is Medium still worth it?

Of course it f*cking is.

If 5 people published here it would be worth it. If you couldn’t even MAKE MONEY here it would be worth it. If Medium gave 95% of their traffic to commissioned pieces and only 5% to US it would still be worth it.

You know why?

Because the rest of the internet is like swimming in shark-infested waters.

It’s fucking hard.

And I think that’s a lesson that so many learned after the Medium changes. They saw greener pastures, but found out that grass was just spray painted. Either that or they were color-blind.

So many people attacked me for sticking up for Medium.. and now they’ve disappeared from the internet.

I took up for Medium because I’d been writing online for a while. I tried all the avenues. I knew the playing field, and it looks like a hundred 8' 9" men running towards you trying to tackle you.

But when you see something like this happen — a big extinction-level event that makes it more difficult to find success, you see a lot of people quit..

Which in turn pumps up opportunity and makes it easier for people to succeed.

It’s a cycle. Medium made it so easy for so long that tons of people all of a sudden wanted to “be a writer.”

But now that the opportunity has decreased, only the real writers remain.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them.

That’s how I feel about the opportunity on Medium right now. What about you?

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