I've Been Growing My Site For 18 Months — Here's What I Achieved

You can grow your website and earn money too.

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If you've been following me for a while, you might know I launched a website in August 2021.

I thought that this would be an excellent playground for my marketing experiments.

As an SEO specialist, I test my hypothesis and new content formats, measure content performance, and identify new working strategies. It's a lot of work which I often can't do with my clients' websites.

Back then, I launched an ugly and unprofessional WordPress site with a bunch of articles on different topics. There was no purpose behind it and no value for people. Nothing.

I thought no one would care because they would never find and read it.

However, I was wrong.

My website started growing several months after being live on the web. I've had mixed feelings about it.

On one side, I did not expect it to happen.

On the other side, I've used proven-to-work strategies, so it was meant to grow.

Was it luck or the reward for my hard work? I believe the former.

I launched a website despite the common opinion that competition was tough and ranking high was impossible.

People said, "You are late to the party. All niches are taken, especially yours."

However, I discovered that there are many untapped opportunities in every niche. You need to know how to find them.

Niche keyword research and on-page optimization helped me grow my site from 0 to roughly 5,000 visitors per month with less than 50 pages.

Here is the proof:

My website growth

I already hear unsolicited judgment that I should have done a better job as an SEO specialist and a website owner.

I could have attracted more users from organic search results and better monetized my website.



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