👏👏 Kotlin Coroutines Review 👏👏

Costa Fotiadis
Jan 19, 2020 · 4 min read

Concurrency on Android has been weird to say the least.

By default, Android handles UI work on the main thread. Any operation that does not “touch” the UI should preferably be off-loaded to someone else.

A lot of effort has gone in fixing that issue in the past: Executors, Handlers, Loaders, RxJava, AsyncTask (R.I.P) and a bunch of others I’m missing.

This post focuses on how to implement coroutines in your project while the next one will be on testing them. (perfect code does not need testing but let’s pretend 🙈)

Reddit driven development

Most apps out there are based on the same premise.

  • Show a loading animation.

Aside from looking at memes all day we might as well write some code.

We want to end up here somehow. 🤔

One is normally used to crazy RxJava operators or callback shenanigans but this looks like normal blocking code. ಠ_ಠ

no callbacks were hurt in the making of this post

The PostViewModel is responsible for fetching a post from Reddit while the calling activity/fragment is responsible for observing the stateData variable.

viewModelScope and why should I care

To put it simply, coroutines are suspend functions. They are just like regular functions, only you just need to add the word suspend at the start.

Suspend functions need to be called inside a coroutineScope otherwise the editor will complain.

A scope is like basket where you can put all your coroutines in. Kinda like a CompositeDisposable if you are familiar with RxJava.

It essentially enforces the monkey banging on the keyb- errr developer to think about memory leaks.

“B-b-but the documentation says-” — shhh, nobody cares

The viewModelScope is provided out of the box in the androix.lifecycle package. It is, by default, running code on the UI thread but the suspend function inside can change that.

Coroutines still running inside this scope will be automatically cancelled when the onCleared() method of the ViewModel is triggered.

Let’s pretend to care about memory leaks and use it then.

Am I actually going to suspend anything now?

We got this little class inside the PostViewModel that hasn’t been used yet.

This is like a normal function, except:

  • It’s marked as suspended (needs to run inside a scope).

Why DispatcherProvider?

You can explicitly call the UI thread with Dispatchers.Main or the IO thread (not really one thread but whatever) with Dispatchers.IO but it’s not recommended.

Instead, you should provide dispatchers in the constructor of your class so it can be easily tested later.

Create an interface and an implementation of it to better suit your needs and naming convention — like this one for example.

A CoroutineDispatcher is basically the thread you want to run things on. Using the interface we “rename” the official Dispatchers.Main to DispatcherProvider.ui .

Now what?

Need an activity/fragment to make things work now. Something with a little button to call the PostViewModel method and observe the stateData livedata variable.

That’s it. You are officially on the coroutine bandwagon.


You can actually do this and everything would still work 👺:

This should be avoided as the ViewModel does not need to know or dictate on which thread code runs. (reminder that the viewModelScope runs everything inside in the UI thread unless explicitly told not to).

Inside viewModelScope you should never expect anything to happen “immediately” like you would with normal blocking code. It might be still running on the UI thread, or it might not. That is the decision of the suspending functions themselves that know the details of what they are doing.

Wew lad

Tap the little button and check it out.

Not going to win any design awards but it’s a start.

Follow on to the next part:

Source code for the project can be found here.


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Costa Fotiadis

Written by

Android dude @JustEatUK

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +786K followers.

Costa Fotiadis

Written by

Android dude @JustEatUK

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +786K followers.

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