Lessons I Learned From My Friends Seriously Laughing At Me

Do people laugh at you too?

Let me clear things up. My friends trust me, after all they are my friends right.

Most of them actually also call me for advice when needed.

I’m known to give good advice.

No, it is not that they do not trust me.

What I try to say is, my friends are just really confused by directions I take in my life.

For instance, when I told my friends I wanted to coach people and change lives, they laughed.

And let’s be honest, it is not the first time people laughed at me.

When I got fired from my job as a waiter for example.

Back in August 2016, after 8 years working in catering and being abusively fired, I declared to them: I’m going to be an entrepreneur.
Well, the response was quite immediate and brutal. People laughed.

It took me 3 months from there to decide to become an entrepreneur.
I found a business partner crazy enough to follow me, Thomas Despin.

9 months later, we had reached over half millions euros in sales in e-commerce.

We had created the first Ecom Villa (a mastermind/retreat for people into e-commerce) with one of the biggest name in this field today, Nick Peroni (Founder of Ecom Empire, counting today over 66,000 members).
I crushed it as an entrepreneur and decided to invest 90% of all my income in cryptocurrencies.

Guess what, people laughed, AGAIN.

And the truth is, I totally understand them.

I mean, how many people you know change not only their jobs but also their career, three times a year?

How many broke people you know invest all their money in something no one knows anything about.

1 out of 10 maybe. Well, this one is me.

Sometimes, you win, sometimes you lose.
No matter the outcome, you need to learn a lesson from it.

You have to learn to grow. 
Because only growth will lead you to success.

So to make it short, there are no successes with no risks taken.

Me in Bali helping Jonathan Edwards to jump from a waterfall.

Why do I continue?

None of my friends, none of the people around me have my vision. They can not imagine half of what I’m picturing for myself.

Not only this but most of them don’t have my guts.

I started over so many times I can’t count, I like to take risks. It is in my nature.

To give them credit, they are my friends. They only want the best for me.

Meaning the safest.

“At first they said you can’t do it. Now they ask, how did you do it.”

I took this philosophy for granted.

I don’t intend to prove people wrong. I want to show anything is possible.

Let’s be fair, not all my friends laugh at me.

I can always count on the 20% of my friends interested in anything I’m putting out there.

The reliable friends if I may call them that way.

It is those people you should spend your time with.

“You are an average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Look around.

You can love the people around you, but if they don’t inspire you, spend more time with the ones who do.

It is YOUR life after all.

3, 2, 1… ACTION!