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Love & Compassion Drives Our Productivity

Kristina H
Mar 7, 2019 · 5 min read

Nothing makes me want to better myself than the love and compassion from others.

It’s funny how we get caught up in relationships, and believe we are happy, until something makes us HAPPIER. It’s all comparative and relative.


Love is a mutual respect and understanding. It is the ability to accept another person and allow your heart to feel them. Having love for someone means that you would go the extra mile for them, and would never mistreat them. You want that person to succeed and grow. It makes you happy to see them prosper.


Compassion is a burning, deep, mutual knowledge of what another person is going through. Much like it’s sister, empathy, compassion is when your heart breaks when someone you love is hurting. It is the feeling of joy when you see a loved one elated.

When you put love and compassion together, it is empowering.

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Having someone in your corner, with a deep love and compassion for you makes you want to do better. The feeling of someone else’s powerful heart can drive us to be more creative, more driven, and more focused.

It is an invaluable force that pushes us, and helps us to succeed.

Having someone say the words, “I love you”, can be a new beginning for you. It is an understanding of someone else’s perception of you. It blooms your self worth, your understanding of your self worth, and it just makes you feel damn good.

There is so much power in three words.

Along with the words, “I love you”, having someone tell you, “I understand how you feel”, adds fuel to an already positive fire within you.

Suddenly the sky is bluer, colors are more vibrant, food tastes better, and you have more energy. We thrive better, on other people’s affection and understanding. We feel better when we have another human to rely on, and who wants to be in your heart. We are simply better, more driven human beings.

When there is no love or compassion in a relationship, it becomes easy to self sabotage. You lose focus and drive Timelines and goals disappear, and you get lost in monotony, without direction. You make excuses for yourself and you suffer from being “alone”. It is beyond unhealthy to be in a relationship that lacks compassion or empathy. Day to day activities and interests can fluidly slide by, and you have no ambition to stay motivated.

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Self Love

Self love should always involve self compassion.

We should be able to give ourselves a clear understanding of why we aren’t productive in work, life, or activities. Meditation, yoga, spa days, and quiet times to think, are moments when we can self reflect of our inner desires and energy levels. We can use time to heal, and to work on our inner contentment.

Not everyone has that “one person” in their life who can drive them with their love and compassion, so it is imperative that we find a way to gift ourselves with deeper understanding. The alternative, of course, is to seek help through life coaches, therapists, or even medical doctors, and physical trainers.

The important thing, is to be able to surround yourself in your own love and compassion, allowing yourself to grow your inner energy and empathy. We need to remind ourselves that we are human, and we may make mistakes. There isn’t always a reason that life is challenging, and we need to accept that, forgive ourselves, and push to move forward.

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When the Love is Gone

Love is a fickle emotion.

It is an emotion that can be said, but not felt, or shown. Conversely, it can be shown, and felt, yet never said aloud. It is just “there”, like air.

However, there are times in relationships when the love simply diminishes. It happens.

You and your spouse live through a time period, after the rainbows and butterflies go away, and you forget to love each other. Maybe you grow apart after the kids grow up, or perhaps someone (or both of you) change your individual life’s focus. It happens more often than not, since the internet came into our world.

When the love is gone, it is almost inevitable that you become deflated. Suddenly, your purpose has disappeared and you are hurled onto a unknown road. You don’t feel like working, or exercising, or even eating, because the whole “point” of life is altered.

You can pull out of this with self love.

Change your focus and put it into yourself. Ask yourself what you need from a significant other, and give it to yourself. It is how you give yourself the gift of drive and ambition.

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Rainbows and Butterflies

After every big storm, a rainbow emerges. Weathering the storm can be so hard, and challenging, but there will be a light and a rainbow, eventually. Once the rainbow appears, the butterflies can come back, if you let them.

This is not saying that someone new comes along, for everyone. However, opening yourself up, by dusting yourself, and brushing off the kick-in-the-self -esteem, will allow you to find your confidence again. Your life may change, but you can still find love and compassion.

The most important person in YOUR life is you. You are no good to anyone else, if you cannot love and forgiveness within yourself.

It is wonderful to have others love you, yes, but in the end, there is no greater love, than the empathy and unconditional love you can provide yourself.

Find that love and compassion within you-you will be surprised at how productive you can be.

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Kristina H

Written by

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +793K followers.

Kristina H

Written by

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +793K followers.

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