Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Fault Tolerant

Part 2 of 3: The Products, Apps, and Other Shit You Need to Guarantee Success

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So now do you have your aspirations outlined, or at least some arbitrary computer-generated commitments? Good. It’s time to build in some software and application support.

When it comes to software to help organize your life and your goals, I’ve consolidated some of my personal favorites. I then asked a number of my colleagues and friends for the apps they live and die by. Take a look at your goals and decide which apps might really help you. The ones I truly believe will be beneficial to all I have included in the “General” section.


Trello: Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.

Example Trello Board

Productive: The tools you need to build a routine of positive, life changing habits.

IFTTT: Helps your devices work together, automating chain-reactions.

Dropbox: A creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your files together in one central place, and safely sync them across all your devices — so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Amazon Alexa: Echo and other Alexa devices let you instantly connect to Alexa to play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather, and more using just your voice.

Kitchen Safe Mini: Fight temptation with the original time locking container.

Radpad: Online rent payment, every time.

Pocket: Save stories for later (and have them read to you).


Boomerang: Adds scheduled sending and the easiest, most integrated email reminders to Gmail, helping you reach Inbox Zero.

Speakit: Convert text to speech. Select text and SpeakIt reads text aloud.

Self Control: Block your own access to websites or mail servers for a pre-set length of time.

Time Out: Easy break reminders, with flexible customization if you want it.

Grammarly: Our free grammar checker instantly eliminates grammatical errors and enhances your writing.

Hemingway Editor: The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it.

Primer: A fast, easy way to learn new business and digital marketing skills. You can take our interactive lessons whenever you have 5 minutes free.

Likeso: A personal speech coach in an app that offers a fun and effective way to train against verbal habits and practice speaking articulately, confidently and without all of those “likes,” and “sos.”

Unsubscribe: The easiest way to stop unwanted email.

Huntr: Unemployed? This free app is ground control for your job search.


Audible: Listen anytime, anywhere to an unmatched selection of audiobooks, original premium podcasts, and more.

Duolingo: The world’s most popular way to learn a language.

Kindle (or Kindle app): Carry all your eBooks with you, wherever you go.

Scott’s Cheap Flights: Get alerts for cheap international flights.

HeyLets: A social city and travel guide that focuses on experiences our users enjoy, and matches you to relevant recommendations.

DoStuff: Answers the question, “What are we going to do tonight?” for millions of people every day by highlighting the best music, drinks, food & nightlife our cities have to offer.


Mint: See all your finances in one place & create a budget.

Honey: A browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click.

Acorn: Acorns helps you invest by rounding up purchases you make to the nearest dollar and investing that change into a portfolio.


Flipd: Flipd removes distractions and nudges students to stay focused when it matters most

One of the Many Dating Apps if you’re single and looking.

Kindu: Inspire intimacy in a fun flirty way.

Couple: An Intimate Place For Two. Keep all your moments private & make your memories last forever.

Image from Couple App. I’m always a fan of shared tasks.


Detox for Facebook: Replace your Facebook Feed with Hacker News, Designer News, Product Hunt, Dribbble and more.

Headspace: Live a happier, healthier life with just a few minutes of meditation a day.

Calm: Discover the life-changing benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Penzu: Your private, 100% customizable online journal.


Flux: Warms up your computer display at night, to match your indoor lighting.

Nekoze: Nekoze watches you from iSight, and warns when you start to slouch.

Pink Cloud: Your sobriety companion, connecting you to 132,000+ Alcoholics Anonymous and 44,000+ Narcotics Anonymous meetings worldwide.

MyFitnessPal: Free online calorie counter and diet plan.

Sworkit: Sworkit allows you to customize and play personalized video workouts that fit into your life.

Yoga Studio App: Play, create, customize & schedule easy-to-follow HD video yoga classes

Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness: Join the world’s biggest female fitness community and fast track your journey

Fitbit: Find your fit with Fitbit’s family of fitness products that help you stay motivated and improve your health by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse: I have this lightweight foldable bike in front of my television to kill two birds with one stone. Additionally I purchased this reading rack, which can allow me to read or utilize my laptop while I ride. Basically, this is my favorite purchase of 2017.

  • Bonus Health* Amazing Meal Kit Services and Gym Inspiration to Supplement Any Health Goal

Food Delivery

Green Chef (this is the one I currently use): Fresh organic ingredients. Healthy, flavorful meals. Right at your doorstep.

Sun Basket: 18 Weekly Recipes Featuring Organic & Clean Ingredients.

PeachDish: Delivered to You with Love and Care.

Purple Carrot: Explore the power of plant-based meals and find your balance with Purple Carrot.

Hello Fresh: Delicious Meals In Under 30 Minutes.

Blue Apron: Fresh ingredients straight from our farmers.

Studio Inspiration

(I tried to choose studios that are somewhat nationwide)

For the beginner: Classpass ($40 off for beginners)

Yoga: Corepower Yoga, Yogaworks

Barre: Pure Barre, Bar Method, Pop Physique

Cycle: SoulCycle, Flywheel

Hiit Training: Orange Theory

Boot Camps: Barry’s Bootcamp

If you are not lucky enough to have any of these amazing studios near you, hit up your local gym and download one of the amazing apps above!

Take your time to review the above applications and products to help support your goals and prepare to read my last article of our three part series:

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Fault Tolerant: The Game Plan. *coming this week*

Until next time!

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